Top 5 cheap aluminum-frame sports bikes

Top 5 cheap aluminum-frame sports bikes

You are looking for a cheap aluminum-frame bicycle about 3 to 4 million but do not know which model to choose. Here are 5 models that are loved and chosen by many of Bicycles World customers.

1. Trinx M136 sports bike – Price: 3,699,000 VND

Terrain vehicles The Trinx M136 is designed with a sporty design and a very unique color scheme, which is considered the most popular off-road vehicle for students not only by design but also configuration.

Trinx M136 terrain bike

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The material that makes up the characteristic MTB frame is high-grade aluminum alloy 6061, which is an extremely light material specialized in aircraft shell manufacturing. In addition, the forks are made of solid, strong alloy steel that withstands bumps and absorbs shock better, and components such as the steering wheel, the steering wheel and the saddle pile system are made of aluminum alloy. Electrostatic aluminum is water resistant so you can be completely assured of bumps and scratches while moving.

The highlight here is the movement fitted with the thighs and front disc from the Trinx 24/34 / 42T * 170L powerful high-alloy aluminum with Shimano MF-TZ21 14-28T-7S speed and Kmc C50-7S chain moves extremely smoothly. The support of the SHIMANO EF65 21-speed shifter with the Shimano FD-TZ30 front shift lever and the Shimano RD-TZ50 rear shift lever provides the precise speed-shifting speed when shifting gears.

2. Twitter TW3000 sports bike – Price: 3.999.000 VND

Belonging to the lowest decentralized line in Twitter, TW3000 gives players the most perfect configuration compared to the same price line. Because it is in a relatively cheap price bracket, it is chosen by many people, including students and students who have the need to practice sports.

Twitter TW3000 terrain bike

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The chassis made of high-grade aluminum alloy gives TW3000 strong, tough and resists strong impacts while it moves. The TW 2.0 aluminum fork with fork lock adjustment absorbs maximum shock on the road surface.

The powerful movement system with 42-34-24T high-grade aluminum alloy front disc combined with PYC -7S chain and high-speed SHIMANO TZ21-7S sprocket creates a strong and smooth drive. The SHIMANO EF51 21-speed handshake SHIMANO EF51 front boom with MICROSHIFT M20 and SHIMANO TX50 rear boom provides more flexibility with multiple speeds allowing users to experience more on a variety of terrains.

3. Sport bicycle Trinx Tempo 1.0 – Price: 4.099.000 VNĐ

This is a race car for those who are just starting to love and want to experience the speed. Trinx Tempo 1.0 is considered one of the cheapest racing cars, the most amazing configuration and design.

Trinx Tempo 1.0 race bike

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The first plus point for this car is the slender 6061 aluminum alloy frame design that drives dynamics to achieve the fastest speeds. Alloy steel forks with adjustable locking make it easy to align to different types of terrain, details such as handlebars, steering wheel and saddle are made from scratch-resistant electrostatic aluminum material. you feel secure while on the road without fear of unfortunate crashes happening.

Drive configuration is appreciated with a Trinx 24/34 / 42T * 170L high-grade aluminum alloy disc thigh system combined with a Kmc C50-7S chain and Shimano MF-TZ21 14-28T-7S speed sprocket. In addition, the starter kit with the help of the Shimano SL-A050 21-speed handlebar, the Shimano FD-TZ31 front brake and the Shimano RD-TZ50 handlebar offers an exciting speed experience on beautiful asphalt roads. The vehicle is equipped with a safe mechanical brake even in adverse weather conditions.

4 Trinx C200 sports bike – Price: 4.099.000 VNĐ

At a price of more than 4 million, the Trinx C200 is a pretty perfect choice with a powerful configuration. Differences of the Trinx C200 compared to the Trinx M136 mainly about the suspension system and the movement configuration.

Trinx C200 off-road bicycle

Trinx C200 forks are made of alloy and have a travel of up to 100mm so that it has better absorption and better shock resistance. avoid fatigue in a long time. Front disc thigh Trinx 24/34 / 42T * 170L premium aluminum alloy combined with Kmc C50-7S chain and Trinx Steel 14-28T-7S sprocket speed for flexible smooth movement. The vehicle uses the Shimano ST-EF500 21-speed manual handlebar with Shimano FD-TZ30 front shift lever and Shimano RD-TZ50 rear shift lever for a maximum and powerful experience when riding on a special variety of terrain. trail separation.

The car also uses a quiet and safe mechanical brake, so that you can completely feel secure to experience the trail or go on adventure.

5. Twitter TW3300 sports bike – Price: 4,999,000 VND

If you love Twitter and want to upgrade, then the Twitter TW3300 can be a pretty great choice. Robust construction, sporty design and especially the configuration make anyone overwhelmed. Possessing a fairly light weight, only about 13.4kg of crude, the car is very suitable for sports and exercise.

Small obstacle trails are possible with a customizable lockable aluminum alloy forks, 42 – 34 24 T disc thigh system combined with smooth YBN-8S chain for smooth acceleration exactly . 24-speed crawler with Shimano TX50 front fork and Shimano TX35 rear boom offer the best experience on complex off-road terrain. With a reasonable price, Twitter TW3300 is the perfect car in both design and configuration.

Low-cost off-road vehicles for students Twitter TW3300

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With these 5 cheap aluminum-frame bicycles, hopefully you can choose for yourself a companion to exercise, cycle to school, to work every day – World Bicycle – With you throughout way !

To be able to choose the right cars for you. You should consult opinion choose to buy sports bicycle from experts and longtime car players through that grasp the knowledge needed to become a good player.

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