Top 5 cheap genuine sports bicycles in 2017 at World Bikes

Xe đạp thể thao giá rẻ chính hãng 2017

. With the diversified bicycle market today there are many types of bicycles, and cheap sports bicycles continue to thrive on the Vietnamese consumer market. For beginners to play cars are derived from different needs such as exercise, serving travel needs, hobbies … But not only at the needs of the greatest concern of each person. Perhaps the amount of money to spend to get a good car. With the price of less than 5 million, users can completely own the car with a good configuration and can fully satisfy the demand. their needs.

World Bicycles suggest 5 models sport bicycle under 5 million VND These models are genuine products from famous bicycle companies such as Twitter (German brand), Giant (Taiwan) ..

1.Genuine cheap sports bike Twitter

  • Twitter TW3000 sports bike

-The price is only 4,150,000 VND

Brand: Twitter

Origin: Germany

Cheap sports bicycle Twitter 3000 Black - Green
Twitter TW3000 sports bike

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The car has up to 5 color options for you to choose from: Red – Black, Blue – Black, Black – Yellow, White – Red.

Vehicle weight with a total weight of 13.5kg because it is designed with high-grade aluminum alloy frame 3 Size 15.5 ″ /16.5 cao /17.5 ″ providing options suitable for the height of the operator. The TW 2.0 genuine fork system has a locking function that makes it easier for users to adjust to the experience terrain. The most notable and notable point is the 21-speed Shimano movement combined with the SHIMANO TZ21-7S speed cork with the PROWHEEL 42-34-24T high-grade aluminum front disc, the PYC-7S chain for a total motion can be combined extremely smoothly. The more flexible and articulating movements are suitable for flat, paved terrain in the city.

  • Twitter TW3300 sports bike

-Price 4,999,000 ₫

Brand: Twitter

Origin: Germany

With a design aimed at the low-cost segment for students, the TW3300 Twitter students are always considered to have a pretty good configuration for those with extremely limited costs.

Genuine sports bicycle with cheap price Twitter White - Red
Twitter TW3300 sports bike

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Lightweight aluminum alloy frame with weight 13.4kg with size 15.5 ″ / 16.5 ″ / 17.5 ″ suitable for the height of the operator. The alloy forks can also be locked to help the driver to be more active while riding on off-road terrains. The movement system with front disc thigh is ProWheel 42 – 34 24 T combined with Chain – Chain YBN-8S with Shimano EF 65 – 24 Speed ​​thread for more flexible options, smooth gearshifts and more precisely.

As one of the cheap off-road bikes is chosen by many people who love sport bikes. It is not only suitable for the income of the majority of Vietnamese but also feels extremely strong and solid with an alloy steel frame and flexible suspension system on rough roads.

2. Giant genuine cheap sports bikes

  • Giant ATX sports bike 610-2017

-Price 4,999,000 ₫

-Brand: Giant

Origin: Germany

Giant has long been highly regarded for quality as well accessories good. Many people want to own a Giant. With an economical price, Giant ATX has brought a great choice for lovers of sports.

Genuine cheap sports bicycle GIANT ATX 610 white yellow
Sport bicycle GIANT ATX 610

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The car is designed with frames made of lightweight aluminum alloy divided into sizes S, M, L giving users a more suitable choice for height. Giant genuine forks are designed with great shock resistance when riding on cobblestone trail terrain. The movement is highly appreciated in the configuration of Giant, which is a combination of Shimano TX35 hand-held system, with Shimano TD-TY10 first, Shimano RD -TZ21, Shimano MFTZ21, 24 disc thigh. / 34 / 42T offers a combination of smooth and rhythmic movement, flexibility and precision when shifting gears.

With only the price of 5 million VND, you absolutely can own Giant ATX 610 with a huge configuration. The vehicle comes in sizes that can be suitable for a lot of people.

  • Giant ATX 600 sports bike

– Price is only 5,000,000 VND

-Brand: Giant

– Origin: Taiwan

Genuine cheap sports bike GIANT ATX 600
Sport bicycle GIANT ATX 600

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Located in the low-cost segment, the giant ATX600 with the ultra-light Allux-Grade aluminum frame design brings a pretty decent total weight without being too heavy. The car is designed with 5 optional sizes of XS, S, M, L, XL and is chosen by many people to exercise and go on city roads.

Vehicle configuration is the most valuable point with the handlebar system, accelerator, pedals and saddle poles are all equipped with genuine Giant durability. Absolute scoring movement system with flexible gear shift thanks to a combination of handshake SHIMANO ST-EF41, the first one is SHIMANO FD-TY10, the second one SHIMANO RD-TZ31. Shimano TZ21 tweezers with 24/34 / 42T disc thighs fit in the rhythm of the movement for the maximum user experience.

Vehicles equipped with genuine giant brakes always quiet, safe on any terrain, especially when traveling even in slippery weather like rain or gravel.

The Giant ATX 600 bicycle is one of the newest versions of 2017. When you buy GIANT ATX 600 you can get great promotions and a warranty of up to 5 years.

  • Giant ATX 618-2017 sports bike

-The price is only 6,200,000 VND

-Brand: Giant

– Origin: Taiwan

Giant ATX 618 genuine cheap sports bike in black
Sports bicycle Giant ATX 618 sports bike

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The car is designed with Alluxx super light, resistant to strong impacts and durable. The frame size is designed with a size of 26 * 15 ″ 5/17 ″ / 19 ″ giving a good option for the height of the user. Giant car forks are known for their ability to withstand shock when riding on trails or with small obstacles. Components such as steering wheel, stem, and saddle are made of aluminum that are more durable, resistant to oxidative stress from the environment.

SHIMANO ST-EF61 21SP hand-held system, front and rear axle SHIMANO SL-M310 with Shimano MFTZ21 and 24/34 / 42T for more flexibility, customization and experience up to 21 speeds. Vehicles using Shimano HD-M285 oil brakes feel extremely smooth, safe and have less warranty.

Giant Aluminum genuine rims are sturdy and have more flexible gliding ability, withstand large loads.

Currently, Bicycles World is proud to be the distributor of lines Genuine sports bike in Hanoi and nationwide. We are committed to bringing you quality products, genuine with the best prices. Especially, we give each customer a free maintenance 2-year car with a 5-year warranty. To purchase items please pick up the phone and contact Bicycles World for detailed advice.

You are thinking of buying a sports bike but are still quite wondering which option to suit your needs. You can look to the shops selling reputable and quality sports bicycles for reference advice on how to choose to buy a sports bicycle From experienced consultants or consult an expert on sports bicycles!

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