Top 5 cheap steel-frame sports bikes

Top 5 cheap steel-frame sports bikes

You have around 3 million a little and want to find one sport bicycle To exercise, go to school, go to work or roam sightseeing, 7 steel-frame sports bikes under the wire will help you satisfy that passion.

1. Bicycle Catani ATX 550 – Price: 2.850.000 VND

This is the line cheap off-road bikes With steel frame material, many students love it. The vehicle is equipped with a baga guard located at the rear with a load capacity of up to 50 kg.

550 black and red

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Although the frame is made of alloy steel, but not heavy, it is very light, the sturdy steel forks help the car better withstand shock. In addition, the 21-speed Shimano theme gives users a more diverse experience on many terrains. The following topic Sunrun helps to change speed extremely flexibly. The powerful disc thigh system combined with the clutch provides smooth and precise transmission when shifting gears.

2. Bicycle Catani Touring 86 – Price: 3.399.000 VND

For those who love Touring and buy a bike for the first time to experience the feeling, owning this bike line. It is a bit strange that this is a Touring series but it is not equipped with three-station rear gac to carry goods. The car is intended to help you experience and walk in the city, the road is flat, and limit walking on a difficult road with lots of gravel because their tires are very small and easy to slip and break.

green light

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The chassis is designed with a softer and more elegant alloy curved design. The movement system with the help of SHIMANO TZ 21 Speed ​​handle, SHIMANO TZ front, and SHIMANO TZ rear axle brings perfect, flexible movement. The vehicle uses the mechanical disc brake to be safe when traveling in adverse conditions such as in the rain on a slippery road.

3 Trinx K024 sports bike – Price: 3.199.000 VNĐ

Robust steel frame – welded inside (not monolithic steel). 24 ″ wheel size, the saddle can be pulled down because the frame is beveled down so you can comfortably adjust the height, suitable for those with modest height, parents want to buy Let the children go to school (students about 1m4 1m5 will go well already).


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The vehicle is equipped with a solid and strong alloy steel suspension system. The steering system and the steering wheel are made of alloy steel with enhanced electrostatic coating that is highly scratch resistant. Drivetrain with thigh strength, high-grade aluminum alloy Trinx 24/34 / 42T * 170L front disc combined with Kmc C50-7S chain and Trinx Steel 14-28T-7S speed sprocket for shifting quick accuracy. The set includes the Shimano SL-TX30 21-speed gearshift handle with Trinx FD-10TD front shifter and Shimano RD-TZ40 rear handlebar for maximum support for users to experience more on many different terrains.

4. Trinx K036 sports bike – Price: 3.399.000 VND

Same brother to the K024 series but for adults with 26 vành wheel rim size, 17 frame, seamless frame based on high-tech inner submerged weld.


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The alloy steel suspension system with stroke up to 100mm helps to absorb shock better when riding on trails and with less obstacles. Trinx sports saddle helps the rider not get tired when traveling for long distances. Trinx 24/34 / 42T * 170L high-grade aluminum alloy disc combined with Kmc C50-7S chain and Trinx Steel 14-28T -7S strong speed for each flexible movement. The vehicle is equipped with 21-speed axle with the assistance of Shimano ST-EF500 handlebar with Shimano FD-TZ30 front shift lever and Shimano RD-TZ50 rear axle for accurate, flexible and cross-country compatibility. Special shapes are trails and roads in the city.

The vehicle is equipped with mechanical disc brakes with safe and durable control while operating on a variety of terrains.

5 Trinx M036 sports bike – Price: 3.199.000 VNĐ

Compared with brothers like K036 or M136 .., the M036 does not have many differences, also steel mechanical forks, mechanical disc brakes and Shimano sets. Slightly different on the design of the frame to give the user more options.

Trinx M036 sports bike

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You are wishing to buy a sports bike to go to work, go to school or participate in group activities. If there are still many concerns in the process of choosing a car, please refer to these immediately sports car buying advice From sports bike experts or experienced motorists to choose the most suitable and satisfying vehicle.

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