Top 5 Giant ATX bicycles are most popular today

Top 5 xe đạp Giant ATX được ưa chuộng nhất hiện nay -3

Market share Giant bike has firmly occupied an important position not only in the commercial market but also engraved into the minds of consumers with good quality and high durability. In Giant’s line of low-priced models, Giant ATX is the most popular car because it has a very distinctive, strong design and of course these designs get the love of many people.

Always a cult car on the market, owning and leading a large revenue in the Giant’s quota, if not owning 1 of the 5 cars below is a waste. If you are a newbie you will definitely not miss the top 5 Giant ATX bike cult below.

1. Giant ATX 600 sports bike

Coming to the 2017 edition of Giant ATX 600 It is an extremely perfect combination of ultra-light ALUXX aluminum creating outstanding features for the frame. The car uses a genuine Giant fork, with a carefully crafted and designed fork system, which is meticulously capable of damping and absorbing shock when traveling on trail or gravel.

Top 5 most popular Giant ATX bikes today -1
Giant ATX 600 bicycle White – Orange version

The parts for the Giant ATX 600 are also appreciated with the steering system, the stem, and the saddle are all made entirely of high-strength Giant. with the former SHIMANO FD-TY10 and the back SHIMANO RD-TZ31 create a better experience of speed in different terrain types. In addition, the support of the Shimano TZ21 clip combined with the 24/34 / 42T disc thigh creates a rhythmic and flexible for precise, effective transitions. Giant disc brakes work effectively even in slippery or muddy road conditions with high braking performance.

In addition, the car is also equipped with a Giant Aluminum double-layer rim with high wind tear capability for faster speeds. The vehicle has a total weight of 14kg.

2. Giant ATX 610 sports bike

Top 5 most popular Giant ATX bicycles today -2
Giant ATX 610 bicycle White – Blue version

Giant ATX 610 is the most popular car in the giant ATX line. The car is evaluated with an overall neat, sporty and elegant design. Located in the Giant ATX line, the car is still designed with the signature Alluxx Grade aluminum frame with high durability and good impact resistance. The car is equipped with a Giant like 600 fork with high shock absorption. In addition, the components are equipped with genuine Giant such as giant 15 Degree rise, Giant handlebars, Giant 30.9mm saddle pole custom high durability.

The movement system is a rhythmic combination between the handshake SHIMANO TX35

The first one is SHIMANO TD-TY10 and the second one is SHIMANO RD-TZ21, giving the operator the ability to master speed and terrain. The support of the 24/34 / 42T disc thigh combined with the Shimano MFTZ21 is also an extremely important factor to help the car be always flexible, shifting more accurately.

3. Giant ATX 660S off-road bike

Top 5 most popular Giant ATX bikes today -3
Giant ATX 660S bicycle Black – Blue male version

In addition to the common features compared to the giant ATX series is designed with the ultra-light, ultra-durable Alluxx chassis, the highlight can be seen right in Giant ATX 660S The main unit is equipped with Textro mechanical disc brakes, great braking performance brings high safety. With groundbreaking Shimano 24 sp thread set with SHIMANO ST-EF51 handpiece combined with SHIMANO FD-M190 front axle

And the rear title SHIMANO RD-TX800 offers a stronger experience of speed that is also expected by most drivers. Vehicle components such as handlebars, stubs, saddle poles or pedals are also included. Being a genuine Giant, this is something that users are very excited about with the quality assurance as well as the component manufacturing technique at a high level of workmanship which is highly appreciated.

4 Giant ATX 700 2018 sports bike

Top 5 most popular Giant ATX bikes today -4
Giant ATX 700 bike 2017 Black – Orange version stylish

As of the 2017 version, Giant ATX 700 There are completely new designs. Owning a younger, sportier and more dynamic design. If you are someone who wants a good configuration, high durability from the beginning, the giant ATX 700 is a car that can completely meet that.

Lightweight aluminum frame featuring ALUXX ATX7, safe mechanical disc brakes, in addition to the movement system thanks to the combination of SHIMANO ST-EF51 handlebar with SHIMANO FD-M190 front axle support SHIMANO RD- TX800 forms a unified, powerful whole in each transition. The protection of genuine Giant DA6 brakes with large braking performance provides high safety in all terrain conditions. The components fitted to the giant ATX 700 are also completely genuine. Giant produces with very high endurance.

5. Giant ATX 618 sports bike

Top 5 most popular Giant ATX bikes today -5
Giant ATX 618 bike white sport version

Next up with version Giant ATX 618 , in this version, we can immediately see the breakthrough when it uses the Shimano HA-M285 oil brake system with excellent braking performance. This is a remarkable point because most models equipped with oil brakes are priced at 8 million VND. The chassis is still in the overall ALUXX aluminum structure, in addition to the second breakthrough is the SHIMANO ST-EF61 21SP handlebar and the Shimano SL M310 front and rear axles that provide up to 21 speeds to help the driver. Feel free to experience at great speed when riding on trail terrain. Equipped with genuine Giant fork, which absorbs shock well, you can freely explore the trails and mountain roads without worrying about the ability to absorb shock.

Components equipped for the car are made of aluminum, good corrosion resistance, withstand the wear and tear caused by the impact of the environment.

The Giant ATX 618 is equipped with a genuine Giant Aluminum rim with a good wind-tearing 2-layer structure designed according to European standards with robustness, strength and high load capacity.

Above are the ones Giant ATX bike hottest, if you miss these cars then it is a pity. If you are a newbie and still wondering what to choose the right bike, get the help of top bicyclists or experienced Giant players for advice on choosing the right bike. !

To buy Giant bicycles with good quality, genuine and guaranteed the best benefits, go to the nearest and reputable sports bike store to choose and experience the models. newest offline!

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