Top 5 sports bicycles costing 7 million super beautiful at Bicycles World

You are wondering if you have about 7 million in hand, you should buy one sport bicycle Which one is good, what is the configuration of the bike (the options and the movement), how is the bike brand popular with people …

People often go to the Shop to look at the car and wonder how each car is the same, the design is a little different, but why is the price so different?

With a budget of about 7 million for a complete car, the frame can only be an aluminum alloy frame that cannot be a carbon frame or titanium, and the steel frame should be able to buy about 2 units with this money.

Below World Bikes lists 5 bikes so that you can choose a companion on the highway:

1 Twitter TW3700XC sports bike

What is this German brand Twitter car TW3700XC worth of VND 6,999,000? The highlight of this sports bike is that it has an all-new aluminum alloy chassis with premium sink weld and matte finish for a sporty standout that resembles high-end models. carbon.

Twitter Tw3700XC owns a 24-speed Shimano M310 movement system combined with TEKTRO oil brake for smooth and safe ride.

Mechanical fork is made of aluminum alloy. Tires Kenda 27 ″ 5 Inch.

Twitter TW3700XC sports bike

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2 Giant Ineed Capuchino city bike 2016

Wow !! A great car for women every afternoon on the streets.The chassis is designed with slim and light ALUXX aluminum alloy to help the car glide extremely quickly. The forks are high-grade alloy steel that is resistant to strong knocks and friction while moving. Equipped with high-end Shimano Mezzo motion system, bringing the maximum experience to the operator while traveling in the city.

The vehicle uses rim brakes to bring comfort and safety even in rainy conditions.

Ineed cappuccino 2016 2
Giant Ineed Capuchino 2016

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3. Twitter TW4000 sports bike

Look at the frame and tire that looks a bit big and heavy? Oh no its weight is only 13.5kg. The chassis is made of high-grade aluminum alloy with welds hidden inside, not welded on the outside to help the car have a more eye-catching look.

TW4000 Twitter sports bike equipped with TW5.0 oil indentation for better performance on uneven terrain combined with Shimano M370 movement and genuine Shimano M355 oil brake to give you the feeling More wonderful car use.

Twitter TW4000 sports bike

4. Giant ATX 680 sports bike

The new Giant ATX 680 2015 sports bike is specially designed for teenagers and students, with a youthful and dynamic design with outstanding motifs in street sports fashion will surely satisfy young people who are passionate about sports bicycles.

Frame material is made from super light ALUXX aluminum alloy, Giant genuine fork is able to absorb shock better. The vehicle is equipped with a 24-speed movement with the help of a 24-second SHIMANO ST-TX800 gearshift, Shimano FD-TX800 front and Shimano RD-TX800 rear axles that bring more power and flexibility in speed shift. In addition, Giant alloy double wheels can also bring strong, withstand large loads.

Giant ATX 680 sports bike

5. Twitter TW3900 sports bike

Compact design frame, large Kenda tires with multiple layers to create friction to help you feel more secure when walking in the rain or slippery roads. The car is suitable for those used to work, go for a walk or a weekend exercise, or go on a trip, requiring you to be in good health. The weight of the car is only 13.5 thanks to its aluminum alloy frame.

Equipped with oil fork, you can completely rest assured when riding in different terrain conditions with a smoother and safer feeling. The car is equipped with a 24-speed manual with the support of Shimano M310 -24S shift handle, Microshift M20 front shift lever and Shimano TZ50 boom for precise and flexible shifting. The durable mechanical disc brake system is safe even when traveling in adverse conditions such as slippery roads, many stones.

Twitter TW3900 sports bike

With so many different models, you can easily choose for yourself the most suitable car. If you are still wondering in choosing a sports bike, you will immediately consult how to choose to buy a sports bicycle from experts and experienced people.

Bicycles World is proud to be the distributor of genuine sports and terrain bicycles with a lot of imported bikes from leading and reputable brands in the world. Come to us today to experience and choose the best car.

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