Top 5 tips to improve your crab skills

5 mẹo cải thiện kỹ năng cua của bạn -2

Find out how to master this tricky and perfectly able to catch up with even the most experienced racers. For riders use the rear wheels to perform grip techniques can be both skill and entertainment. If you play MTB mountain bike If you do not know how to improve the entrance in the corner, then make sure your handling technique is not good.

So in the following technique, we will give you the most useful tips for getting the toughest technical improvement teher to master on your mountain bike.

1. Find out where you want to go

5 tips to improve your crab skills -1
Good crab skills will help MTB players to handle corners perfectly

The best walking technique starts with anticipation or more specifically, finding where you want to go, not just your front wheel. So it is best before you turn around to look at the top or inside the corner. Then start going the corner of your eye line that should be pulled towards the exit of the turn with what’s to come. The faster you go, the more you have to look ahead. It sounds simple yet surprising, and it’s easier to start looking down at your front wheel and find yourself able to catch the next road feature.

2. Brakes before going to the corner

5 tips to improve your crab skills -2
Master your brakes so you can master and control your car better

MTB tires often have high endurance when we perform rotations and slides so you can absolutely perform the lock in very nice, it only slows you down for a long time. Instead of locking your brakes make sure most of your brakes are done before you enter a curve. This will keep the tire rolling and eventually fly several times faster. Remember, all of your regression speed is extremely important.

3. Reduce center of gravity

Like a car, the lower you can lower your center of gravity, the faster you’ll get over that corner. This is considered one of the fairly simple techniques to master. You just need to put yourself a slight bend at your knees and arms to master. This will easily make a huge difference to your stability and control so it’s a good idea to take the time and practice this technique.

4. Use the front brake, not the rear

With a good technique you should find you going out of corners with some speed but you can still have a choice for your disc. When going into a hot corner, many riders forget to change gears to more easily gears to match the escape speed. This means they are moving forward and can fight for greater power. Again that’s all there is to being able to predict what’s to come.

With good techniques you should find you are going around the corner at speed but you can still choose your gears. When entering a hot corner, a lot of riders forget to turn to easier equipment that will match their escape speed. This also means that they are moving forward and may struggle for greater power. Once again that is all about thinking ahead to be able to predict what’s to come.

5.Put weight on outside of pedal

5 tips to improve your crab skills -3
Put the weight off the pedal to help the bike turn around best

Once you are in the corner it is important that you remember to shift your weight so the pedal is on this side. This has two benefits. First, it allows you to squeeze the tire against the ground and provide more friction. Second, it automatically lifts the inner pedal so it has less chance of it getting out of dust and possibly causing accidents when climbing into corners.

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