Top 6 good configuration cheap aluminum-frame sports bikes

Twitter TW3700 XC nằm trong top 6 xe đạp thể thao khung nhôm cấu hình tốt

Replaced heavy steel-framed cars, the ones aluminum sports bike frame was born, bringing a new look to bicycle production. Aluminum alloy material not only reduces the weight of the car, creates a higher aesthetic, but the special thing is that the hardness and strength are equal to or maybe better than the steel frame, good rust resistance. Also, the cost of aluminum frames is usually cheaper than iron-framed sports cars. That is why many people choose and use it cheap aluminum frame bicycle . But how to choose a quality and cheap aluminum sports bike? Here are extremely useful suggestions for you.

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  • 1.Minx Free 1.0 aluminum frame sports bike priced at 4,599,000 VND
  • Trinx X1 aluminum frame sports bike priced at 6,899,000 VND
  • Trinx Tempo 1.0 racing bike priced at 4,399,000 VND
  • 4 Twitter TW3300 sports bike priced at 4,999,000 VND
  • 5. Twitter TW3700 XC sports bike priced at 6,999,000 VND
  • 6 Twitter sports bike Tw3900 XC price 7,999,000 VND

1.Minx Free 1.0 aluminum frame sports bike price 4,599,000 ₫

An Item belonging to the line Touring car of Trinx, this car owns extremely eye-catching colors such as Green, Orange or White. An extremely sporty and personality combination will be an extremely great choice for young dynamic people who love the experience.

Trinx Free 1.0 is in the top 6 low-profile, low-cost aluminum sports bikes
Trinx Free 1.0 aluminum frame sports bicycle in White color

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The aluminum alloy frame of the car is powder coated to increase scratch resistance. The tempered steel forks are extremely sturdy. Vehicles equipped with Shimano movement with Shimano FD-TY510 front acceleration combine Shimano RD-TZ50 rear accelerator and Shimano RD-TY300 gearshift handle for extremely flexible and efficient shifting. Shimano TZ21 14-28T springs provide precise performance when changing speed. In addition, Trinx genuine alloy Hub has high capacity, aerodynamically thick 2-layer design for optimum speed.

2.Minx X1 aluminum frame sport bike price 6,899,000 ₫

With the new 2017 version, the Trinx X1 has an extremely sporty, stronger and more masculine style. Vehicles equipped with oil brakes and sure that compared to other cars, the car will be a great choice for you.

The Trinx X1 Sports Bike is in the top 6 of well-configured aluminum sports bikes
Trinx X1 aluminum frame sports bike yellow

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The outstanding feature of the car is the stylish curved aluminum alloy frame using flat weld reinforcement technology. The vehicle is equipped with a high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic forks that can easily be adjusted depending on the terrain. The steering system is equipped with aluminum alloy enhanced electrostatic technology for higher scratch resistance. The movement system is equipped with Shimano threads up to 27-speed M370 for users to experience the maximum speed. In addition, the European-standard TRINX ALLOY DISC BRAKE 2-layer rim offers the ability to tear the wind and surf very quickly.

3. Bike racing Trinx Tempo 1.0 price 4,399,000 ₫

The Trinx Tempo 1.0 is in the top 6 of well-configured aluminum sports bikes
Trinx Tempo 1.0 aluminum frame sports bike

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This is Trinx’s popular race car, Tempo 1.0 is highly appreciated in terms of price and configuration. A race car itself, Tempo 1.0’s frame is designed with a slender and extremely lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy frame. Sturdy steel forks with an adjustable lock for the terrain. Details such as the steering wheel and the aluminum saddle are equipped with electrostatic paint technology that is highly scratch resistant.

High-grade aluminum alloy trims with Trinx 24/34 / 42T * 170L disc drive for robustness in every movement combined with the high-speed Shimano MF-TZ21 14-28T-7S and shift handle 3 * 7 = 21-speed Shimano SL-A050 with Shimano FD-TZ31 front thread and sShimano RD-TZ50 lever for a highly flexible coupling allowing users to experience more comfortably with 21 speed on the track.

4. Twitter TW3300 sports bike price 4,999,000 ₫

The TW3300 Twitter sport bike is in the top 6 of well-configured steel-framed sports bikes
TW3300 Twitter sports bike Black-Orange

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Belonging to the middle line of Twitter, if you intend to practice sports or go on the trail, the Twitter TW3300 is a pretty great choice. The sturdy aluminum alloy frame withstands the impact well with the sporty matte finish that gives the car a solid and powerful look.

The movement system with ProWheel 42 – 34 24 T front disc, combined YBN-8S chain with Shimano EF 65 – 24sp shifter with Shimano TX50 front shifters and Shimano TX35 rear shift levers flexibility and smoothness in every step of gear shift. Sports body brake allows the operator to customize and adjust safely on any adverse terrain such as rain or rocky roads.

5. Twitter TW3700 XC sports bike price 6,999,000 ₫

The Twitter TW3700 XC is in the top 6 of well-configured aluminum sports bikes
Twitter TW3700 XC aluminum sports bike white frame

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At a higher price, you can choose the Twitter TW3700XC with a pretty good configuration for those who love adventure and enjoy the feeling of the trail. Lightweight aluminum frame design with super light weld. The fork is made of aluminum alloy with cruise control lock.

Highly rated movement system with strong front disc thigh 44-32-22T combined with SHIMANO M310-24S gearshift handle SHIMANO TX50 front boom and SHIMANO TX35 rear axle brings power and power. determined to each movement rhythm.

The new breakthrough is Tektro oil brakes that provide smoother, safer all terrain.

6. Twitter Tw3900 XC sports bike price 7,999,000 ₫

Twitter TW3900 XC is in the top 6 aluminum-frame sports bike
Twitter TW3900 XC aluminum sport bike Black – Blue

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Twitter TW3900XC belongs to Twitter’s mid-range off-road vehicle line, if you intend to invest in high configuration vehicle, it is definitely a satisfactory choice for you. The aluminum chassis is designed with submerged welded joints for ruggedness in long-distance trails and potholed terrain. The premium aluminum alloy fork absorbs shock very well.

A premium-designed saddle with a premium cushioned saddle provides a more comfortable experience when traveling for a long time without being discouraged. The vehicle is equipped with a Shimano M370 -27S movement with Shimano oil brake. M355 and PROWHEEL 44-32-22T front disc thigh for rugged impact resistance and comfortable multi-speed experience on any terrain.

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