Top 6 sports bicycles for men cheap from 2 to 4 million

Xe đạp thể thao dành cho nam giá rẻ Trinx K036

Needs and development of cheap sports bicycles brings a lot of choices for users. Car lovers in general and especially men are willing to spend a lot of money to get a car like that. Understanding the tastes of consumers, manufacturers have constantly improved and launched new models to target more customers. Samples Men’s sports bicycles still designed with a strong masculine style, and more and more attention is paid to high-end accessories while the product price is softer and inclined to the low-cost segment. The bicycle market is now more exciting than ever, there is no shortage of low-cost cars with poor quality. That is why choosing a car is not entirely easy.

The following are samples sports bicycles for men at Bicycle World. As quality imported cars, genuine and very soft at only 2-4 million. If you have a need to own, these are extremely great choices.

Table of contents

  • 1.Catani ATX 550 men’s sports bike price 2,850,000 VND
  • 2 . Catani Touring 86 men’s sports bike priced at 3,599,000 VND
  • Twitter TW3000 men’s sports bike price 4,150,000 VND
  • 4. Men’s sports bicycle Trinx K024 price 3,199,000 VND
  • 5. Men’s sports bicycle Trinx K036 2016 price 3,499,000 VND
  • 6) Men’s sports bicycle Trinx M136 price 3,799,000 VND

1.Catani ATX 550 men’s sports bike price 2,850,000 ₫

Catani ATX 550 sports bike for both men and women. The car is light weight, alloy frame is strong and withstands strong impacts.

Cheap sports bicycle for men Catani ATX 550 Black - Orange
Cheap sports bicycle for men Catani ATX 550 Black – Orange

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Powerful movement with up to 21 speeds and Taiwan’s Sunrun front front to give the user the ultimate in experience. The car is suitable for hybrid or city trips, not suitable for sports and exercise because the frame is heavy and causes a lot of effort.

2 . Catani Touring 86 male sports bicycle price 3,599,000 ₫

This is a Touring car that many people choose for long-distance trips. Of the car Catani Touring 86 Owning a large, strong and masculine steel frame. Alloy steel frame and accessories make the car weigh nearly 18 kg.

Cheap sports bicycle for men Catani Touring 86 Black Red
Cheap sports bicycle for men Catani Touring 86 Black Red

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Designed with strong curved alloy steel frame, it is very resistant to impact. Vehicles equipped with Shimano TZ movements up to 21 speeds ready to experience the maximum on all special roads, especially aerodynamic high-rim, for slimness as well as high-speed gliding when traveling in city streets. .

3. Twitter TW3000 men’s sports bike price 4,150,000 ₫

Belongs to high-end German Twitter brand, possesses mid-range configuration and surprisingly low price. The car is a great choice for an affordable audience such as students, students or beginners.

Twitter TW 3000 cheap male sports bike Black - Green
Twitter TW 3000 Cheap Men’s Sport Bike Black – Green

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The terrain frame is made of high-grade aluminum alloy, extremely strong and durable. The frame texture and sporty colors give the user strong flexibility when participating in sports. Alloy fork with fork lock adjustment function provides more flexibility when traveling with more flexible terrain. The handlebar and handlebar are made of aluminum alloy with enhanced anti-scratch electrostatic technology so there is no need to worry about bumps. PROWHEEL 42-34-24T high-quality aluminum alloy thigh system combined with SHIMANO EF51 3 * 7 = 21-speed handlebar, MICROSHIFT M20 front boom and SHIMANO TX50 rear boom, powerful and precise in every gear shifting, not jerky but very gentle.

Sports brakes are also used to ensure the car is safe in all conditions.

4. Men’s sports bicycle Trinx K024 price 3,199,000 ₫

Top 6 sports bicycles for men cheap from 2 to 4 million
Trinx bicycle K024

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This car is for both men and women with an easy design for people from 1m4 and above. Sports color and personality with reasonable price is the first choice for students. The car has a high-grade MTB steel frame design that is more resistant to impact. The suspension system is made of steel alloy for flexible customization and excellent shock handling.The steering system and the steering wheel are made of alloy steel enhanced with electrostatic paint technology with high water resistance. The movement system including the thighs and front disc is a powerful high-grade aluminum alloy Trinx 24/34 / 42T * 170L combined with the C50-7S Kmc chain that matches in every move. 21-speed Bodhi with 21-speed shifter Shimano SL-TX30, front shift lever Trinx FD-10TD

and Shimano RD-TZ40 rear axle for extremely flexible, light and smooth consistency and coordination ..

5. Men’s sports bicycle Trinx K036 2016 price 3,499,000 ₫

The special thing about this Trinx K036 is that the 2016 version has a Shimano 21-speed movement combined with an extremely sturdy and powerful alloy frame. The car has up to 6 personality color versions chosen by many men.

Cheap men's sports bike Trinx K036
Cheap sports bicycle for men Trinx K036

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MTB system made of high-grade alloy steel gives more strength and strength. Plus, the car is equipped with an alloy steel fork that can adjust the journey up to 100mm. Quiet Trinx genuine leather saddle does not cause fatigue even over long distances. The powerful movement system with thigh thighs and front disc is Trinx 24/34 / 42T * 170L high-grade aluminum alloy combined with Kmc C50-7S chain, Trinx Steel 14-28T-7S roller speed for each beat gentle. Powerful and smooth handling is the combination of a Shimano ST-EF500 21-speed gearshift, Shimano FD-TZ30 front-handle, and Shimano RD-TZ50 rear handle for the operator with handling. Be flexible and experience maximum speed on the desired terrain in the most enjoyable way.

6.M136 men’s sports bike price 3,799,000 ₫

Cheap male sports bicycle Trinx M136 blue - Black
Cheap sports bicycle for men Trinx M136 Blue – Black

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Frame material features MTB 6061 high-grade aluminum alloy that is light, sturdy and suitable for traveling in complex terrain with good impact resistance. The fork is equipped with an adjustable lock that gives the user the ability to adjust to each type of terrain for more flexibility. The robustness of the thigh, the genuine front disc Trinx 24/34 / 42T * 170L high-grade aluminum alloy combined with the Kmc C50-7S chain and the Shimano MF-TZ21 14-28T-7S, step-by-step speed makes a step change so it’s easy and precise. The combination of the 3 * 7 = 21 speed shift lever SHIMANO EF65, the Shimano FD-TZ30 front shift lever and the Shimano RD-TZ50 rear shift lever bring a lot of new experiences. stronger and the most flexible option. .

Currently, the templates Cheap men’s sports bicycles These are genuine distribution by Bicycles World .. We are committed to and ensure the quality for each product when you buy here. With a warranty period of up to 5 years and a maintenance period of up to 2 years for free.

When buying, you not only buy a good product, but also enjoy preferential treatment and receive valuable gifts. To be able to order quickly, please pick up the phone and call immediately World Bicycle for detailed instructions.

Refer to the top 5 sports bicycles priced at about 4 million here.

If you are thinking of buying a car but still have questions or have questions when choosing a sports bike, you should consult more advice on buying a bicycle from experts to be able to make the right choice.

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