2015 Traitor Cycles Crusade, Ruben, Wander & Slot Steel Bikes


Way back in 2009 at Interbike we had our first look at Traitor Cycles and their sword cyclocross offerings. The cantilever brake singlespeed frameset at the clock time was made from Columbus Maxlight tube, and the ship’s company offered custom-made geometry as an choice. We late reviewed in the Traitor Crusade SS in Issue 14, and enjoyed the ride of the steel frame of reference and fork and simplicity of the one gear .
Since then Traitor Cycles took a brief pause to reset, and is now rear with a full moon lineup and is in full recharged for this cyclocross season and beyond .
We found Traitor Cycles tucked manner in the back of the Interbike 2014 floor, but it was worth searching them out, as the company offers an impressive batting order of versatile magnetic disk brake-equipped sword bikes for closely every character of two-wheel ride or adventure you can imagine ( cantilever-equipped Traitor Cycles bikes are gone nowadays ) .
Most relevant to most of our readers is the ship’s company ’ s disc-brake equipped Crusade steel frameset, complete with a 44mm principal tube and pivot dropouts that allow singlespeed or geared consumption. The colors change for 2015 from the visualize blue/black, and will now be a blue/orange and a gray/orange, and the tube is butted 4130 steel .
Weight is a reasonable 4.5 pound for the frame ( 55cm ) and 2.2 pound for the fork ( uncut ), and it retails for $ 599 as a frameset merely. No rack mounts and fair one set of bottle mounts to help fight off off-season heating system. The Crusade comes in four sizes : 48, 52, 55 and 58cm .
Want a complete motorcycle ? Traitor Cycles has both a drop barricade and two-dimensional barricade translation of its Ruben cyclocross/commuter motorcycle, with closely identical geometry to the Crusade ( a unretentive smokestack is possibly the biggest deviation ). A fresh flat bar Ruben retails for $ 1099, while a drop bar, Shimano Sora-equipped model retails for $ 1399 .
Want the 2015 frameset ? It ’ randomness $ 549— $ 50 less than the Crusade because it doesn ’ t have the 44m head tube or the convertible dropouts. The frame of reference besides offers rack mounts and double bottle mounts.
Custom home build in California with www.larsadditions.com/ is a dream come true. The ship’s company has a raw touring-oriented bicycle called the Wander that might be big for longer annoy adventures as well. At $ 1299 with full moon wrack mounts, mechanical magnetic disk brakes and bar-con shifters, the Wander is built to tackle any terrain or multi-day adventure, and prioritizes dependability over gram shave .
Returning to the batting order is the Traitor Cycles Slot, a do-anything flat bar monster ’ crabbed or annoy bicycle or inflexible 29er venture motorcycle. Regardless of your label for it, at $ 1399 with a back rack, treble crankset and lots of tire clearance, the bicycle should eat up anything on your shuffle terrain menus, particularly if you ’ re not out to break any records. The company had a few Slot-equipped riders tackle the Oregon Outback in the video recording below .
How to tell all the models apart ? Each has a different baptismal font treatment, prioritizing bicycle identity over sword identity .

2015 Traitor Cycles Bike Photo Gallery:

  • The 2014 Traitor in blue/black but the 2015 models will be blue/orange or grey/orange. © Cyclocross Magazine

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  • The Traitor headbadge and 44mm head tube of the Crusade cyclocross frameset. © Cyclocross Magazine

    hypertext transfer protocol : //bikehow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/traitor-interbike-2014-cxmagazine-ayee-img_8462_1.jpg


  • The minty fresh drop bar Ruben comes with gears, disc brakes and a steel fork and retails for $1399. © Cyclocross Magazine

    hypertext transfer protocol : //bikehow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/traitor-interbike-2014-cxmagazine-ayee-img_8508_1.jpg


  • The steel disc fork features IS mounts, and stays “retro” with QR dropouts. © Cyclocross Magazine

    hypertext transfer protocol : //bikehow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/traitor-interbike-2014-cxmagazine-ayee-img_8480_1_1.jpg


  • A pivoting dropout on the Crusade allows riders to tension the chain for singlespeed use. © Cyclocross Magazine

    hypertext transfer protocol : //bikehow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/traitor-dropouts-interbike-2014-ayee-_1_1.jpg


  • The minty fresh drop bar Ruben comes with a Shimano Sora drivetrain, disc brakes and a steel fork and retails for $1399. © Cyclocross Magazine

    hypertext transfer protocol : //bikehow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/traitor-interbike-2014-cxmagazine-ayee-img_8484_1.jpg


  • The new $1299 Wander is Traitor’s new touring-oriented bike, complete with rack mounts, but would be ready for your longer gravel adventures. © Cyclocross Magazine

    hypertext transfer protocol : //bikehow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/traitor-interbike-2014-cxmagazine-ayee-img_8493_1-c_1.jpg


  • The flatbar Ruben brings a versatile cyclocross/commuter frameset with a commuter-oriented build for $1099. © Cyclocross Magazine

    hypertext transfer protocol : //bikehow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/traitor-interbike-2014-cxmagazine-ayee-img_8490_1.jpg


  • The go-anywhere Traitor Slot brings a flat bar, fat tires and a triple crankset to help you conquer anything without suspension. © Cyclocross Magazine

    hypertext transfer protocol : //bikehow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/traitor-interbike-2014-cxmagazine-ayee-img_8495_1.jpg


  • The 2014 Traitor Crusade (pictured) gets new colors for 2015 and can be set up singlespeed or geared. $599 for the frameset. © Cyclocross Magazine

    hypertext transfer protocol : //bikehow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/traitor-interbike-2014-cxmagazine-ayee-img_8460_1.jpg


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