Trek Marlin 5 Vs Cannondale Trail 8 2021 – Better Bike for Beginners

Which bicycle should you choose as a novice between the Trek Marlin 5 Vs Cannondale Trail 8 in 2021 ?
Cannondale fabricate a scope of entrance floor bikes for beginners. The Cannondale Trail series is the batch bicycle roll that gives you off-roading capabilities on a budget. The Cannondale Trail 8 is the first introduction into the trail series that gives you a products that ’ s a tone above department store bicycle models .
Trek industry batch bikes to perform well and continue doing then long after the first depend on. The Trek Marlin 5 is no different and comes breed with a great hardened of components for the ask price .
How do does the Marlin 5 compare to the Trail 8?

Trek Marlin 5 Vs Cannondale Trail 8 – What’s Similar?

Grippy knobby Tires

The Marlin 5 and the Trail 8 are both specification ’ d with knobby tire for increase bobby pin in lax soil sections. The increase bobby pin comes at price of less rollability on flat sections. If you ’ ll be riding predominantly on pave roads, the knob on the tires will wear and become smooth giving you increase rollability on the road .

Lighter weight aluminum frame

The Cannondale and Trek are both built on a thinly constructed aluminum frame. This frame material is starchy and solid with the independent benefit being the burden advantage it has over steel. With a light human body weight you can go further with less energy. You ’ ll besides be able throw the bicycle around corners more easily and pull off cool jumps and hops more readily, increasing the playfulness divisor off-road or in your local motorcycle parks .

Cannondale Trail 8 vs Trek Marlin 5 2021

Trek Marlin 5 Vs Cannondale Trail 8 – What’s Different?

Suspension forks

You ’ ll get a longer 100mm travel with the Trek pause fork. The longer travel is particularly dear for riders who will be using the bikes on pugnacious roads and tackling bigger drops. In addition, heavier riders will appreciate the longer travel fork. It ’ ll mean you can ride on a lavish setting while however being able to have some fork travel in modesty .

Gears and Chainring System

Trek has 3 gears on battlefront, 7 at binding, the Cannondale has 2 improving battlefront and 7 on the back. The 2 x 7 organization on Cannondale is by and large preferred for off-roading as it is a elementary system. The 3 ten gearing ratios mean that some speeds on the Trek are unnecessary as the lapp speeds can be achieved with multiple combinations of gears. Some prefer the fine increments you can get on the 3x system of the Trek but a 2x front ring style is all you ’ ll ever need for amateur batch bicycle on light trails .

Riser Bars Vs Flat bars Style

The trail will fill more static declivitous as the frame is designed with a declivitous oriented fountainhead fish. In accession, the 25mm riser handlebars give you the confidence to tackle downhill sections at speed .
The flat bars on the Trek are more traditional for a cross country motorcycle and are preferred for climbing and responsiveness .

Braking System

Treks hydraulic disk brakes give you more stopping world power requiring less attempt than the cable television style brakes found on the Cannondale. This does mean hover that you ’ ll motivation to do maintenance that is more complex and expensive than the mechanical cable television brake system .

Trek Marlin 5 Black 2021

Trek Marlin 5 vs Cannondale Trail 8 – Head to Head

Internal Cable Routing and Internal Dropper Post Compatibility

Trek Marlin 5 has clean internally routed cable design throughout. In comparison the Cannondale has outwardly routed bracken cables .
The Cannondale Trail skeleton allows for internal dropper post cable routing through the downtube. The dropper post being a game changing feature that makes drag riding a better overall experience. Internal dropper position routing gives the motorcycle a much cleaner appearance and makes sure the cables are out of harms way .

Lock on Grips Vs Slide on Grips

The Trek Marlin comes stock certificate with lock in on grips that should be less prone to slippage on the bars than the slip-on stylus grips on the Cannondale. This will bear itself out overtime with general clothing and pluck but are an easy and brassy promote that can be done in just a few minutes .

Cannondale Trail 8 2021

Trek Marlin 5 vs Cannondale Trail 8 Specifications

 Trek Marlin 5Cannondale Trail 8
Suspension ForkSR Suntour XCE 28, coil springSR Suntour M3030, 75mm, coil
Front DerailleurShimano Tourney TY300MicroSHIFT Dual Pull Compact, Steel Cage
Rear DerailleurShimano Tourney TY300MicroSHIFT M26L
Tire Size29 x 2.2029 x 2.25
Maximum Tire Width2.42.4
BrakesTektro HD-M275 hydraulic discTektro cable-actuated disc
ColorsTrek Black / Dark Aquatic / Factory OrangeGrey / Highlighter Yellow
ShiftersShimano Altus M315microSHIFT, 7-speed
Weight (Unofficial)31.84 lbs(33 lbs)
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