Types of sports bicycles and advice on how to buy

Currently if you pass through the stores, Showrooms bike You will be confused and confused about which bike to choose due to the variety of models, types, and prices in all segments. Below we give sports bicycles Popular and widely recognized by everyone for your convenience to learn and choose the right car for your actual needs.

1: Off-road bicycle (Mountain bike) – MTB

Mountain bike – Moutain Bike also known as Mountain bike, cars with big tires have front shock absorbers or front and rear shock absorbers. The vehicle is used for the purpose of going on steep, rugged, and rugged roads.

Terrain bikes Twitter from Germany
Terrain bikes Twitter from Germany

MTB There are two main lines: hard-tail and full-suspension: The Hard-tail is a car without rear suspension, including rigid – ie the car uses the front suspension (without suspension), and Full-suspension – which means the car has For the purpose of splitting hard-tail or soft-tail, it is necessary to discuss the subjects in MTB including: XC, all-mountain, freeride, downhill … of which are popularly XC and downhill.- XC (cross-country) is a bike that moves on rugged terrain through forests, trails … Generally, bad roads are difficult to go but still roads – this is considered the easiest level of the sport MTB – Downhill (downhill) is considered to be the highest grade of MTB, as the name implies – the main travel routes are steep on rugged surfaces, mountain passes, forests … requiring flying skills Jump to avoid obstacles.

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Hard-tail is suitable for going XC, when the difficulty increases, a Full-Suspension will be more suitable

– Advantages: The high friction with the road surface should run well on rough and steep terrain. Thick tires should limit the spraying of tires in the middle of the road. The handlebar is straight so the operator can sit upright, reducing fatigue more than the bent posture of the Road Bike.

– Defect: Because the weight of this mountain bike is relatively heavy, with big wheels, it will slow down the speed when running on a flat road and cause effort for the user. Users often have to install mud fenders for the front and rear wheels.

2: Bike race – Road Bike

Bicycle racing or another name is cycling Designed to ride on flat, high-speed paved roads, small tires, narrow, stretchy, smooth horizontal chassis with the aim of minimizing friction, the saddle is designed for the driver to lean forward. When using this vehicle you get the advantage of speed, but in return, you cannot go too fast in bad, bumpy roads. The shell and gut of racing bicycles are very thinner than other vehicles to reduce weight, reduce friction to increase speed. Usually this bike is used only in professional sports tournaments. The control of these cars will help athletes to move on any terrain and help save endurance as much as possible. But now it is widely used for everyone.

Road bike race bike Twitter 732
Road bike race bike Twitter 732

– Advantages: has the advantage of speed when running on flat terrain.

– Defect: The Road Bike is very poor on road traction, so it is easy to slip in the rain without fenders. Tires and tires are quite thin, so it is easy to tear or leak when facing obstacles. The frame of the Road bike is designed to be slim, so it is inefficient on bad, bumpy roads. In addition, the price of this sports bike is also quite expensive.

3: City Bike – City Bike

This is a combination of Road bike (RB) and Moutain bike (MTB), if most of your bike journey is short and flat, often going in the inner city. market. With slim frame design, smooth tires, lines city ​​bike City Bike can go faster than MTB, with a more comfortable sitting posture than a racing bike. City Bike is a good choice for city rides with high speed, durability and comfort.

Bike touring Trinx free 1.0
Bike touring Trinx free 1.0

– Advantages: Light, easy to handle, able to overcome rough roads while still achieving the speed needed. The neck angle is narrow, although the acceleration is less than the Road Bike, but it is easy to control and turn. Straight steering for a more upright sitting posture and fenders trim.

– Weakness: Despite its relatively optimal design, the city bike (City bike) is not a good choice for climbing or conquering difficult terrain.

4: Folding bike

The new model, which has been launched in the market for the past two or three years, is attracting great attention from young people. The car has a neat design that can fold neatly components such as frames, saddle piles, and handlebars to help you easily carry and carry the trunk while traveling. Folding bicycles suitable for recreational pedal, picnic in the park …

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Audi Navigate 5 is in the top 3 cheap folding bikes
Audi folding bike

– Advantages: With a compact design true to the name folding bicycles the maximum size after folding is about 85- 90cm, the foldable parts are Neck, Saddle lowered to the lowest with telescopic. The body of the car can be folded in double and opened and positioned by the safety lock. With this design, you will save space for car parking indoors, in the car or by bus.

– Weakness: The folding bicycle has a small wheel design, so when traveling, it has no advantage in speed compared to other sports bikes.

5: BMX bicycle

This car is less popular and rarely appears in Vietnam. The car is designed to be compact, compact, with big wheels to improve road holding capacity. Often used in extreme sports, performing cycling. BMX bicycles basically have the same parts as the scratching mini bicycles that you guys still ride to school. The special thing about these cars is that the overall size is quite compact. The front and brake are specially designed to be able to rotate 360 ​​degrees in the stunts that you still watch in the X-Game sports program. In addition, an additional 2 to 4 round iron bars (called pegs) are installed on the front and rear wheels and remove the support legs.

BMX show bike
BMX show bike

– Advantages: The car is designed quite compact and suitable for the performance purposes of.

– Weakness: Only for advanced players with vehicle demonstration skills and knowledge

6: Bike Touring Bike

Bike Touring Bike You can go on long tours, for example through Vietnam. Touring cars are usually longer than normal cars to create compactness and carry more than other cars. These are also known as long-haul wagons. Thus, the Touring’s characteristics combine the following characteristics: the road’s light, slippery, glide, and the crust crust must be able to move on uneven roads. Additionally, it has been designed with specific touring characteristics – a top priority for comfort: long-wheelbase (front / rear center distance) – for a comfortable seating position. as well as the distance from the pedal to the back baga bag without getting caught in the pedal, design of the wheel is suitable for heavy loads, design of many catches such as water tank, GPS, baga, lamp, car seat.

Bike tuoring bike
Bike tuoring bike

– Advantages: The vehicle is designed with a three-station rear guard system and a sturdy frame, so it can carry many items suitable for long-distance trips or cycling on long distances. to help a comfortable sitting position and the distance from the pedal to the bag in the rear baga is not tripped in the foot when pedal; It has a structure to help riders lose effort, designed many positions to install more accessories.

– Weakness: classic design, not eye-catching.

7: Bicycle Fixed Gear

This is a new sports car that has appeared in the past few years, and is quite popular with young people, even becoming a trend. Derived from the bike used exclusively for Olympic cycling, Bicycle Fixed Gear has a minimalistic design, eliminating all unnecessary accessories. A fixed bike can be subtly called a homogeneous bicycle, a bicycle with no brakes, set up, etc.

Bicycle fixed gear trend of young people
Bicycle fixed gear trend of young people

– Advantages: The car is designed and decorated with many eye-catching colors, so cycling on the street is quite outstanding, suitable for young people with personality and style.

– Weakness: The car does not support hand brakes, so when moving is quite difficult for new users who are not familiar with the reverse brake or downhill braking feature.

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