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How To Keep Bikes From Hitting Each Other On The Bike Rack – The Outdoor Theory

Some of you out there may have good bought new bikes for the whole family and a truly dainty bicycle extort to transport them from point A to point B. But merely after a few hauling, you begin to notice the bikes look as if it had been flogged with a chain .
You know you didn ’ metric ton scrape it since you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate crash it. then, you begin to realize that it was rubbing against the other bikes on the wrack during the drive .
This is a truly big problem for those of us who wants to keep the bikes looking glazed and raw. possibly it ’ s a amour propre thing, but some of us are paying thousands and thousands of dollars for the bikes and would prefer to keep them in great shape .
so how do we keep our bikes from hitting and scratching each other while transporting on motorcycle rack ? A way to keep your bikes from bumping into each other on the bike rack is to put a barrier between the bikes. One easy but pricey solution is to buy detachable bike bumpers and attach them to where contact is made. If you are on a budget or loves to DIY, then there are two budget-friendly alternatives – You can wrap the bike frame with foam pool noodle or strap them between the bikes.

Our Favorite Detachable Bike Bumper

One direction to protect your bicycle frame is to purchase some bicycle bumpers .

Saris Protect-O-Pads

Saris Protect O Pads Outside Pioneers Sturdy foam pads create a easy, protective barrier between your bikes and bike rack to prevent damage during conveyance. Pads can besides be placed in between your bicycle and vehicle to help avoid damage to your fomite ’ randomness finish up .

  • 4 Soft blocks provide padding between your bikes to prevent damage during transport
  • Easy, slip-on installation
  • Sturdy foam construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

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Saris Protect O Pads 1Saris Protect-O-Pads protecting the bike frame from rubbing against trunk rack.Saris Protect O Pads 2Saris Protect-O-Pads protecting bike chainstay rubbing against another bike’s front fork.Saris Protect O Pads 3Saris Protect-O-Pads protecting the bike’s top tube from rubbing against the trunk rack.

Bopworx Detachable Bike Bumper

Bopworx Detachable Bike Bumpers The Bopworx Detachable Bike Bumpers are very easily to use and are designed to work with all types of bikes .
They are the ideal solution for protecting the bicycle ensnare and your bicycle wheels during travel and storehouse without the bulky frame-up .
You do not need tools or early equipment to install them – merely add the bumper to where you want to attach it and then use the latch hook and strap included to secure them in place. however, the downside is they are pretty costly and can in truth add up .
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Two Budget-Friendly Alternatives To Protect Your Bike Frame During Transport

For those who are budget conscious, fortunately there are two cheap alternatives I have used – One way is to clamp foam pipe insulation tubes to the front branching, down tube, seat tube, and buttocks stay. The other way is to strap foam pool attic in between the bikes.

Alternative #1 – Clamp Foam Pool Tubes to the Frame

This method is basically wrap parts of the inning with padding to prevent scratches, dings and nicks .
here ’ s what you need :

  1. Foam Pool Noodles – the quantity and size depends on the length, diameter and which part of the frame you want padding: fork, down tube, seat tube, and seat stay
  2. Velcro or adjustable straps (also depends on the diameter and the number of parts you want padding)

Oodles of Noodles Foam Pool Noodles

Oodles of Noodles Foam Pool Tubes Oodles of Noodles are made from a proprietary foam compound that ’ second more dense than others for improved irrepressibility and stiffnessDesigned for the beach, swimming pool, light sabers, toys. Dozens of other uses for craft projects – even insulation .
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Ubenic Bike Wheel Stabilizer Straps

UBENIC Bike Wheel Stabilizer Straps

  • SECURELY STABILIZER BIKE WHEEL – the ideal tool for holding bike wheel from swiveling while transporting or storing
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL – made from premium quality nylon material
  • EASY TO USE AND ADJUST – the loop design makes it easy to adjust the length and tightness to give it a secure hold

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here ’ s how to install the embroider :

  1. Measure the length and diameter of the parts you want padding
  2. Purchase the foam pipe tubes and adjustable straps
  3. Measure and cut the foam pipe tubes to the desired length
  4. Clamp the foam pipe tubes onto the part that needs protection
  5. To ensure it stays on during transit, you may want to secure it with Velcro and adjustable straps.

Alternative #2 – Strap Foam Pool Noodle in Between Bikes

DIY Barrier Between Bikes Although the foam organ pipe insulation tube method provides the best protection as it wraps the inning with foam, it might not be suitable for every motorcycle apparatus and occasion. fortunately, we have another easier means : Strap Pool Noodle in Between Bikes .
DIY Barrier Between Bikes Pool Noodle 300x260 1 here ’ s what you need :

  • Foam Pool Noodles (usually they come in 52 inches long, which is suitable for most bikes)
  • Velcro or adjustable straps

here ’ s how to attach it :
Using the straps, plainly secure the foam noodle to the front fork and seat stay. For lend security, you can secure the foam noodle to the down tube arsenic well .

Additional Tips to Prevent Bikes from Scratches, Scuffs, Dings, and Nicks

For added frame of reference auspices during theodolite and even bike rides, you may want to consider applying 3M Helicopter Tape or opt for a motorcycle frame of reference protective covering kit. These tapes merely work by covering the areas of the ensnare where you want it to be protected most. Or, if you want, you can cover the whole frame. Whatever you choose to use or do, you can give your bike the ultimate auspices it deserves while in transit and during the ride .

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