Video instructions for adjusting sports bicycle fork

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Suspensions or another name is indent, this is an important ingredient for sports bike lines This part has the function of helping to reduce the shock from the road surface to the handlebars and body (downhill bicycle) to help you ride better, reduce hand numbness, joint shock.

1. Why do we need to adjust forks on a sports bike?

The fork is under pressure as well as a great impact during movement. For a long time of operation, fork may no longer work as well as before. At this time, in order for the car to go in difficult terrain or overcome simple obstacles, you should make small tweaks to make them work smoother and smoother.

If the fork springs to adjust is simple, if your car uses a steam fork, measure the pressure and pump more steam.

2. Video detailed instructions on how to adjust the bicycle fork

Adjusting the fork is not too difficult, with the following instructions you can adjust the fork for your bike yourself.

In this video you will understand the following issues:

  • What is the SAG? How much SAG is reasonable?
  • What is the fork rebound?
  • Compress.
  • Adjust the fork lock so that it is reasonable.

Hopefully with this video you can adjust and choose for yourself a reasonable fork journey, how to pump more air into a bicycle car fork.

If you still have any doubts or when watching this video you still do not know how to adjust the fork, you should consult sports bike repair consultancy from experts, or experienced riders to be able to get more detailed instructions.

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