What is a bicycle chain?

What is a bicycle chain? 1

Chains is a very familiar part of the bicycle. The most important part of the bike’s movement. But have you understood anything about this detail, or simply think it is a simple constituent part of any car as well as any car? Here are some questions as well as ways to better understand bicycle chains:

1.What is bicycle chain?

What is a bicycle chain? 1
Roadbike chains

A chain (also known as a slug) is a chain consisting of rollers connected by masterlink . When each roller is in motion, it sends power from the pedal to the center of the wheel, causing it to spin. Most bicycle chains are usually made of carbon steel or copper alloy steel, but some are plated with nickel that prevents rust or simply increases aesthetics.

2. Select a slug and maintain it

There are many questions asked about bicycle chains including:

first: Cheesy (chain) road vehicles, off-road bikes, sport bicycle Whether all types of slugs that use the subject are of different sizes. If there is a difference, when buying, to pay attention to the size of the slug?

2: Is there a standard for slugs (with title), such as number of snails, size price …?

3: If I have any car, then choose a slug for it based on any parameters (eg number of wheels, disc number of car …). ?

4: When to replace the slug, when replacing the slug, the plate and plate should be replaced. (Like a motorbike, every time you change, you have to play a whole set of slugs)?

World Bikes would like to answer based on some knowledge collected online: xedap.vn, xedap.org…. as follows :

2.1 Road slugs, or all slugs that use “threads” have different dimensions .

What is a bicycle chain? 2
Roadbike and MTB bicycle chains

When buying, pay attention to the width and length of the slug, the width of the bicycle slug is related to the thickness of the track to match. The width of the bicycle slug should be somewhat wider than the chainrings and the chainrings.

There are 2 widths of regular bicycle slugs:

1: Size 1/8 “(3.175mm) Standard width of a BMX bicycle slug, and also for 1 inch to 3 inches for the bike.

2: 3/32 ”(2.38mm) wide standard width for all modern multi-speed bikes. The thread used on the vehicle is called a derailleur.

The width of the slug

bike ride
The width of the slug

IW = Internal Width

EW = External Width

Different types of racks need different EW

The more layers of the roller, the thinner the slate

6 speed – 7.8mm (all brands)

7 speed – 7.3mm (all brands)

8 speed – 7.1mm (all brands)

9 speed – 6.6 to 6.8mm (all brands)

10 speed – 6.2mm (Shimano, Campagnolo)

10 speed (Narrow) – 5.88mm (Campagnolo, KMC)

10 speed (Narrow, Direction) – 5.88mm (Shimano CN-5700, CN-6700, CN-7900)

11 speed – 5.5mm (Campagnolo, KMC, Shimano CN-9000)

In fact, using a 0.1 – 0.2 mm difference when you pedal slowly, it is the same, but when you pedal at high speed, it will be noisy and ruffling.

The typical roller thickness is from 1.7mm to 2mm, to get more speed, one has to thin the plate to fit the moyeur and the slug is also made thinner to slide in the slots. of the 10-speed or 11-speed set.

To do this, bicycle slug manufacturers have made thin outer and inner sheets, using small rollers and development technology that attach flat studs to the outer surface of the chain. Adjustments in the design of the chain have reduced the width of the outer surface, but the inside remains the same as the standard width.

So when buying a bicycle chain, they are called a “10-speed slug” or a 10-speed slug (10 seconds), which means it is designed to fit a 10-sprocket, 11-sprocket. chirp. The 10s slug is by definition thinner than the 9s slug and we can use the 10s slug to run on the 9s but using the opposite the 9s slug running the 10s is not very recommended.

Note: Although the standard of width is as specified, but in fact, it is still not very reliable compared to each type of sprocket. Each manufacturer and designer has their own standards and is slightly different (eg Shimano and Campy slugs), so before buying your own slugs – your suit should be well advised.

2.2 There are standards for slugs (with title), such as number of slugs, size …

The aforementioned criteria for the size of the snail’s eye as mentioned, the number of slugs is the length of the slug, consisting of 112 to 114.

2.3 If I have any car

Depending on the type of vehicle, choose the right chain

Then choose a slug for it based on the parameters they are using. 1 came up

2.4 When to replace the slug, when replacing the slug, the plate and plate should be replaced

What is a bicycle chain?
Bicycle chains should be checked and replaced promptly

When the slug is elongated, the grip of the slug is no longer, the slug and the plate are 3 objects that directly friction and withstand heavy so after a while of operation it will cause wear, but the chip and plate are most wear-resistant. The forks are less, in principle, when replacing the wheels and slugs synchronously, for cars with many plates, the wheels should be used alternately, with forks too, so that when worn, they wear evenly, the slugs slightly relax so instead of letting the slug too stretch, it will damage the plate and plate faster. High-end and branded bicycle tweezers, forks and slugs such as Shimano, Campy, and Sram are made of premium technology and materials that will cause less wear despite continuous operation. Only the slug is under the force of the pedal, so it is easier to damage than the fork and forks, so most of you use high-end gear only regularly to change slugs.

Above are useful shares about bicycle chain, every time you need it chain maintenance or instead for your bike you should consult the necessary information and obtain the right information Helpful sports bike advice from the experts. In addition, to be able to change the chain yourself, you should ask someone with experience to give more detailed instructions.

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