What is a folding bike? Why should choose to buy folding bicycle?

Xe đạp gấp Hachiko HA -01

What is a folding bike? Understand simply “The car can be folded” and just hearing the name makes sure many people can imagine the unique points or benefits. folding bicycles bring . Appeared for a long time and not too far away for everyone, folding bikes became popular means of transportation in many European countries such as the UK and the US.

In the past few years, folding bicycles have been introduced to the Vietnamese market and have received many favor from all subjects. From middle school students to the workplace to the elderly, all love this car because it is not only a smart means of solving traffic problems, but also improving a green environment and participating. contribute to health training.

Compared to vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, folding bicycles are selected to save living space and provide more mobility.

But not everyone knows about folding bicycles, to help everyone understand the concept of “ What is a folding bike “? Parameters of folding bike. Bicycles World will share experiences and insights through the article below. Everyone please refer to it more!

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1. What is a folding bike?

Folding bicycles It is simply a new type of sports bike available in Vietnam that can be folded back through the specially designed hinge locks on the chassis and handlebars. Overseas, this bike is very popular because of the benefits it brings.

1.1 Structural advantages of folding bicycle

Compared with the prototype design of these bike Normally, folding bicycle is still built with all necessary functions such as chassis, safety brake, wheel, pedal.

Fashionable folding bicycle
Fashionable folding bicycle

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Hachiko HA-01 folding bike

+ The biggest difference is the design of the car. The car is designed with a smaller and lighter frame, leaning towards fashion and modern trends. The chassis is usually made of alloy and carbon materials to achieve light weight

+ The frame is designed to be able to fold with the maximum size up to 85cm. The foldable parts are the saddle, the neck, and the pedal.

The bike folds quickly
The bike folds quickly

+ The middle position of the body of the car includes a lock to safely fold the body. Make sure the car can fold neatly the fastest .

+ The maximum weight that each folding bike can reach is 11-15kg. Because the car has a light weight, users can flexibly carry it on board, carry it behind or fit in the trunk of the car while traveling, saving living space.

Walking with folding bikes
Walking with folding bikes

The vehicle can achieve loads up to 120kg thanks to its robust frame design. At first with design compact car fragile, you may wonder if the car can withstand high loads or not? But rest assured the designers have calculated and designed according to a scientific standard to ensure you can safely and securely move around if you have to pass more people or load heavy loads.

1.2 Modern trend fashion design

Fashionable and sophisticated folding bicycle design
Fashionable and sophisticated folding bicycle design

Towards the segment of young people folding bikes With extremely beautiful designs, sporty colors, strong frame withstands impact. The car is not only favored by students but also in the eyes of middle-aged people and the elderly, it is a great choice for short-distance travel.

What is a folding bike?  Fashionable design suitable for all ages
Fashionable folding bikes are extremely loved by young people

2. Why should you choose to buy folding bikes

2.1 Cost savings

Every day to work or move to somewhere, we have to pay a lot of different travel expenses such as gas money, parking fees, or even car repair fees if you miss your partner’s motorbike. Broken flag. This amount can be 10,000 VND 30,000 or even 100,000 VND per day. But if you ride a bicycle, you can save yourself this cost, on average 500,000 to 1 million VND a month. That is not to mention, the use of one folding bike Absolutely not take 1 car deposit. You can completely keep it neatly in a corner of the room, on top of shelves, cabinets … it’s very convenient.

Folding bike saves money
Folding bike saves money

2.2 Health exercise

If you are thinking of buying a bike to go to school, go out or simply go to the market or practice sport then these stowed bicycle will be the optimal choice and extremely stylish for you!

What is a folding bike
Going to work with folding bikes is better for your lungs than sitting in your car

The fresh air is better for you. It is a very real thing and has been scientifically proven. You will have to breathe in a lot more oil fumes while in a car than when cycling even during peak hours. Cars and buses are always closed with glass doors, which will limit the amount of oxygen you inhale.

Scientific studies from American universities show that drivers and their passengers are at greater risk of toxic gas pollution than cyclists and pedestrians. Certainly those who are sitting in a car must also think that the scene where they are sitting around the side of the car is smoke and the gas from the surrounding cars is emitted, the amount of clean oxygen around them is quite modest.

When cycling, the body has the ability to work more so that the blood circulates more to actively transport oxygen to the brain, which also helps the heart to always function and become more alert. So in some countries such as the UK and the US, many office workers have chosen bicycles as a means of transportation to relieve stress after working hours.

2.3 Space saving

What is a folding bike
Can be folded down and put the car in the trunk of the car

Whether you live in large villas or high-rise apartments the bike can be folded Save your home space to the maximum. Most of these folding vehicles can be folded down with the smallest size suitable for putting in the trunk of a car or can be carried anywhere, including on the bus or carried. subway easily. These folding bikes are also suggested as one of the perfect solutions for people living in apartments where spaces are too tight.

Or even if you do not have spare space, you can completely stow your folding bike under the stairs, hang on the wall .. It’s quite neat compared to normal bicycles.

2.4 Experience more real life

What is a folding bike
Improve relationships with people around you

Busy work leaves you in no time to ask about neighbors, but when riding a bike it is an opportunity for you to greet them in a short time. Be it a handshake, a social smile, or a friendly distant wave hello, or brief headless short chats. Just that much will also help you get to know a lot of people, expand your relationship and become closer, closer to everyone around you.

You can completely go freely, experience life in the bustling and calm atmosphere, breathe fresh air, visit oder coffee shop with 1 cup of capuchino and enjoy on the go, sunbathe in the sun The sun likes to enjoy tropical showers, cross any corner of the city or even participate in daily races. That’s great, those are the real life experiences we want to talk about when riding a folding bike.

With so many benefits that each person can do, these are the reasons why you should get one right away the bike can be folded down for myself.

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