What is groupet bike? What is the groupset set?

What is a bicycle groupet, consisting of the ingredients-1

For those who buy a whole car or just play sport bicycle then usually do not care about what a Groupset consists of, but if you want to buy the components yourself to build a complete bike then you should refer through this article.

1. What is a BicycleGroupset?

Bicycle groupset (group: Grouppo in Italian) that is a group or collection of bicycle components, bicycle parts that the manufacturer has specified. A Groupset is comprised of the components that make up the bike except for the frame, forks, wheels, tires, control bar or saddle.

What is a bicycle groupet, consisting of the ingredients-1
A common Groupset

2.The ingredients are in a groupet set

What is a bicycle groupet, consisting of what-2 ingredients
The ingredients are in a groupet set

Normally, in the current commercial market in Vietnam, it is stipulated that 1 set of group (group) is 8 items in which the same brand is required, the same life together, 8 items include:

1. Roll + plate + axle: this is different from the old one that the shaft is always attached to the roll and is counted as 1, not the separate plate of the pot like the old one.

2. Cup shafts (BB cup)

3. Hand Shake: left + right, overseas selling including string, in Vietnam, there is a separate place, take an additional 300k for 1 set of wire (shell + gut)

4. Brakes: front + back

5. Previous topic: also called plate

6. Topic: also called… leprosy !!!

7. Tweezers: consists of separate and bound plates, note that there are only teeth, not the core (body hub), campy and shimano plates are different in the core, when buying, pay attention to

8. Slug (chaine), chain

In the specification of buying and selling abroad, it is not required that 1 groupe must be 8 items, 4 groupe is still available, 10 groupe is also available.

With the exception of a few special editions, manufacturers will not actually lump different components together for sale because retailers will consider it a complete group. Therefore, when there is an intention to upgrade or build a bicycle, the customer can choose one of the parts they require. The group price is only the individual price of the aggregated item.

The largest Groupset producer in the world is Campagnolo, which specializes in producing these a set of themes for road bicycles and firm Shimano and SRAM for both road and Mountain bike .

Manufacturers typically offer a wide range of groups, each targeting a different budget or usage. For example, Dura-Ace, Super Record and Red are the top racing teams for Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM’s while Claris, Veloce and Apex are the top racing teams. road racing car.

You are planning to choose a sports bike, upgrade the configuration for your bike or are about to start building your own car, you should learn carefully and refer to more advice on choosing to buy sports bicycles accessories from car players or experts with experience in the field to be able to make better choices.

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