What is Narrow Wide on disk?

What is Narrow Wide on disk?

The narrow wide concept is no stranger to players sport bicycle using single ring (1 x 10/11) in the world, yesterday some people asked about what is Narrow wide? how is it different from the normal one? So today, please take the liberty to share a little knowledge about this technology for you.

What is Narrow-Wide-1
The layout of the Narrow-Wide teeth on the plate

In the past, most users used actuators 3 × 9 or 3 × 10, that is, 3 forks front and 9 for rear or 10 for rear. According to the 3 × 9 or 3 × 10, the transmission can provide 27 or 30 different speeds, but this is not the case, because in 27 or 30 speeds there are still overlapping speeds. .

narrow wide
The Narrow wide links to each link to help smooth motion

Another drawback of 3 × 9 or 3 × 10 actuators is the problem of slipping chain When the vehicle enters the rocky terrain, since the teeth of the plate must meet the ability to cross the chain to another plate, the teeth do not stick to the chain.
Since then, manufacturers have released more transmission parameters, including 2 × 10 or 1 × 10 actuators or even 1 × 11 for models. MTB car Trail / Enduro or Downhill often have to move in rocky terrain while keeping the chain firmly on the plate.

What is Narrow wide?
Thanks to the narrow wide the slug is held tightly to the disc

Especially with the transmission using a single 1 × 10/11 plate, Narrow wide technology is applied to thicken the teeth on the plate so that the slug is most firmly attached to the plate. The thick teeth are designed alternately with pointed teeth, the thick teeth will eat tightly to the big joints of the chain and thin teeth will eat into the baby joints of the chain, creating a firm and durable bond.

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Because of its ability to securely hold the load chain at the forks, narrow wide can only be used on 1-plate, 1 × 10/11 actuators.
Therefore, if you intend to upgrade your transmission using a single plate, you should consider using Narrow wide technology for your drive.

That is some of my knowledge about this technology, I hope to receive your contributions ?

In addition to Narrow wide, there are a number of other design technologies from Shimano or Sram on their 1 × 10/11 actuators.

Above are useful sharing hopefully can give you a better overview of the details of the sport bike. To be able to find out more Basic sports bike techniques You should seek out a long-term sports cycling expert and learn in more detail.

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