What is the best sports bicycle to buy today?

Mua xe đạp thể thao hãng nào tốt nhất : GIANT

With information about which brands of the best sports bicycles on the market, hopefully you can choose for yourself the best quality sports bicycles.

Along with the call to mobilize innovation of actions and vehicles, contributing to the improvement of a green, clean, beautiful environment and upgrading transport infrastructure. In the context that urban traffic is always congested and complicated, instead of using vehicles like cars or motorcycles, many people have turned to cheap sports bicycles and choose to be your means of transportation while exercising your health every day.

Buying the best sports bicycle today -1
Sports cycling not only brings health benefits, but also helps you satisfy and conquer your passion

But for those who are looking to buy a sports bike for the first time, it can be difficult to choose from. Many people wonder any good sports bike ?. That is why Bicycles World will provide useful information about the best sports bike brands in Vietnam market today so that you can easily choose for yourself a good bike!

1. Trek

This is a famous sports bike company in the world of America. This bike production company is considered one of the leading companies in the production of sports bicycles in the world and is a giant in the bicycle industry. Not only that, this company also stands in the field of distributing bicycle accessories all over the world.

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Trek sports bikes are very much loved in the market

Trek bicycles are loved and loved by many people and are highly appreciated not only for their quality, modernity and can meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Vehicles are imported and sold in many countries around the world at prices suitable to the income level of many people, including Vietnam.

2.Bicycle sports brand Twitter (Germany)

The German bicycle brand was born in 2008. Compared to other brands in the market, although still quite young, with the most advanced production technology in recent years, the Twitter brand has become the most mentioned name in all Asian markets- Pacific.

Buying the best sports bicycle today: Twitter
Twitter brand sports bicycle

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In 2012, Twitter officially opened its headquarters and processing factory in China with a total area of ​​up to 10000m2. Twitter sports bicycles have been applied production technology imported and technology transferred from Germany. Not only is the design very beautiful and youthful, the design is suitable for many ages. These products, before being shipped, are tested for quality standards according to CE standards of the European Union.

There are many types of sports bikes Twitter’s: Bicycle racing , BMX, folding bike

Up to now, Twitter sports bicycles have been present in most of the world with more than 2000 dealerships in Asia Pacific, Europe and America. Like Twitter and with the continuous development of Bicycles Gioi Bikes with the desire to bring to Vietnamese customers a variety of good quality Twitter sports bicycles with reasonable prices, The Gioi Bikes officially cooperated with Twitter Asia Pacific to distribute genuine Twitter bicycle products in Vietnam.

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3. Giant brand sports bicycle (Taiwan)

GIANT is a famous Taiwanese sports bicycle brand born in 1972. From that time until now, many GIANT product lines have reached consumers and received support and praise for their durability and excellent quality. GIANT bikes are designed and manufactured by the world’s leading engineers with more than 30 years of experience in the bicycle industry. GIANT is proving itself to be a long-lasting and influential bicycle brand throughout the Asian market in particular and the world in general.

Which brand of sports bike do you buy best: GIANT

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Every time a new design is released, these designs are highly appreciated not only for their quality but also for their beautifully designed designs. With a variety of vehicles from City Bike, racing car to sports car, all have become the dream of car lovers. Distributed mainly in the cheap segment in the market, Giant’s models always receive warmth because the price is quite soft for the quality configuration.

GIANT’s new success can be mentioned that the combination of aluminum alloy frame and carbon fiber brought to the consumer market and made it so popular that very few low-cost carmakers can do.

Currently, in the Vietnamese market for a long time, GIANT occupies a special position in the hearts of consumers and is increasingly becoming the market leader with many beautifully designed, well-configured cars. GIANT’s car is suitable for many subjects such as: students, students to housewives or sports car lovers, the elderly.

Buy any good sports bike Best? All of the above information has answered the concerns of all customers because the above 3 brands all have their own advantages and reasonable prices. Depending on the needs and budget that customers can consider buying suitable.

Currently, 2 out of 3 famous brands are being distributed by Bikes World to ensure prestige and quality. Warranty up to 5 years with very attractive incentives. Committed to bringing good quality products and perfect prices, we hope that we will become a reputable buying address for all customers.

If you are thinking of buying a sports bike please consult for more information advice on choosing to buy bicycles from experienced experts to be able to choose for themselves the best and most suitable bike.

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