What kind of bicycle frame is good?

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Bicycle frames is the most important part of the car, it works to connect and link the details together to create a complete sports bike, shaping, aerodynamic shape. So what are the types of bicycle frames and which ones are good nowadays?

To evaluate the good or not, there are many types of bicycle frames in terms of the purpose of using the bike such as off-road bicycle, racing bike or folding bicycle … they all have their own design and structure. So to have a more overview and more realistic we look at the raw materials to make the framework.

1. Bicycle frame is made of steel

In the price range of 2-3 million mostly these cheap sports bike with steel frame design. The weight of these cars is usually around 25-18kg. This is a model chosen by many students due to its durability and ruggedness. It can withstand large loads, but is not suitable for extreme sports purposes because its weight is heavy and easy to cause effort. . Steel frames are considered to be more corrosive than other types of frames.

What kind of bicycle frame is good -1
Vaenger terrain bike has a sturdy steel frame for a more compact feel

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Currently, there are many innovative lines of sports bicycles on the market with completely new and more advanced alloy steel frames. Therefore, the frame weight and the car is much lighter, similar to the aluminum frame. Besides, the mechanical strength has been significantly improved.

2. Bicycle frame made of aluminum

Aluminum-frame bicycle currently accounts for more than 70% market share of bicycle frames. Almost all low-end to mid-end models use aluminum frames.

Due to the nature of the chassis being lightweight from 13kg- 15kg, the driver’s movements on the driver’s car are more decisive, stronger and the user has the ability to handle faster and more flexibly. This feature can be found even in cheap MTB terrain bikes. MTBs are still designed with popular aluminum frames to be able to have greater rigidity, strength and mechanical strength.

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Twitter TW3000 has a slim, elegant and sporty aluminum frame design

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One downside of aluminum is that it is quite flexible, not as hard as steel, so the frames are often designed to be larger to be able to overcome all of the above disadvantages while providing a solid overall vehicle.

3. Bicycle frame made of Carbon

Species carbon bike frame This is typically seen on racing bicycles. To achieve high speeds and aerodynamics, the frames are assembled from a variety of ultralight carbon sheets. Carbon is not a natural material like aluminum and steel but is glued from synthetic carbon fibers. , usually as a monolithic frame.

Therefore the cost to own the carbon frame is often very expensive. This makes the material very malleable and effective in bumping roads. Carbon-frame cycling usually feels faster, rider feels movement more clearly, while maintaining speed and comfort.

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Twitter bike 758 super lightweight carbon frame is made of seamless monolithic. Featuring a high-end Shimano ULTEGRA / 6800 movement that provides users with up to 22 speeds. The car belongs to the high-end and terrible line of Twitter.

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One downside of the Carbon frame is that when scratched or damaged, it is difficult to repair, the carbon frame is brittle, so people never use carbon to make the frame of the MTB.

4. Bicycle frame is made of titanium

The material is arguably the best for fabrication Sport bike frame today, it integrates the preeminent lightweight properties of aluminum, the flexibility of Carbon. The Titanium frame is a very good anti-corrosion, giving the bike the longest lifespan among bike frames. It is normal to use a vehicle for 10 even 20 years.

What kind of bicycle frame is good -4
All-terrain bicycle SAVA TITAN ST780 DeoreXT M780

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The downside of the Titan frame is that its price is too high, to own a car with this frame you have to spend over 80 million. Often professional or top racing athletes or giants own them.


So with the above 4 types of materials, choose the best frame which somewhat has the answer for you. But the “good” here is also good with the needs of the user and the sophistication of the buyer. For those with around 5 million, the aluminum chassis is very good.

With a city bike, road bike – road bike for high speed travel, agility, flexibility, carbon and titanium frame will serve a very good support for you. As for an off-road vehicle, hiking, aluminum and steel frames, or titanium would be a good choice for a sturdy vehicle (steel is rarely used).

If you are still very much wondering about the choice of sports bicycles with frames, you can refer to these sports car buying advice From bicycle experts and advisors of the car dealership, based on the budget to be able to choose for themselves the most suitable bike.

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