What kinds of bike themes does Shimano have?

What is the Groupset Shimano Sora includes?

Mentioning Shimano is to mention the company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of famous and popular bicycle threads on the market today. So Shimano has a few types of themes for these sports bike model , what kind for Mountain bike (MTB), what kind is for city (City Bike), what kind is for road bike (Road bike).

1. Set of Shimano for city bikes – City Bike

1.1 Shimano Metrea U5000

The Shimano METREA U5000 offers reliable performance with a sleek, simple design suitable for simple city cycling needs. This theme has 2 options for you to choose from Speed ​​are 2 * 11 and 1 * 11.

What kinds of themes does Shimano have -1
Shimano Metrea U5000

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1.2 Shimano Alfine S700

Hit neighborhoods in style with ALFINE – a set of premium groupset built for cyclists in a complex, crowded metropolitan area. Along with its high build quality, ALFINE gives you a feeling of finesse, high flexibility, and easy operation. You can choose An 8-speed or 11-speed configuration, the ALFINE is compactly designed and a wide range of support equipment to serve any frame.

What kinds of themes does Shimano have -2
Shimano Alfine S700

This Groupset set includes 16 different details for you to customize with each type of frame and disk set.

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1.3 Shimano Alfine S700 Di2

This is an upgrade of the S700 version above but is an electronic version with 19 different components suitable for you to customize with different types of chassis.

What kinds of themes do Ahimano have
Shimano Alfine S700 Di2

1.4 Shimano Nexus

The NEXUS Groupset has 8 speeds, providing a high degree of design, quality and functionality. Many technical advances have been achieved, like SHIMANO’s unique combination of Gear changer mechanisim makes gear shifting easier.

What types of themes does Shimano have
Shimano Nexus

2. The Shimano Group for off-road bikes

2.1 Shimano XTR M900

In the New XTR M9000 series the XTR M9000 is its highest mountain bike and wheel kit to date. This brand new XTR M9000 is used for both Race and Trail “Rider-Tuned” series.

What kinds of themes does Shimano have -5
Shimano XTR M900

Inspired by the versatility and capabilities of today’s racers and the terrain they settle, the XTR M9000 offers refined solutions and design testing for the way they ride. The movement offers 3 options for you: 1 * 11 Speed, 2 * 11 Speed, 3 * 11 Speed.

The Group M9000 offers 39 different accessories, depending on your choice to suit each model, your chassis size.

2.2 Shimano XTR M9050 Di2

Shimano’s XTR M9050 DI2 shifting system delivers constant control and immediate response that only digital shifts can deliver to the M9000 Rhythm Step drivetrain. Bring the digital age for Mountain bike, giving them control over their ride experience, no matter their discipline, like never before

What types of themes does Shimano have
Shimano XTR M9050 Di2

The movement has 2 choices for you about the 22 Speed ​​or 33 Speed ​​movement with 11 different accessories in the Group.

2.3 Shimano DEORE XT M8000

The Groupset Shimani Deore XT M8000 brings a more powerful and beautiful design when it comes to design ratios that are more efficient with the needs of the user.

Want to go uphill, or looking for a more active ride? Do not worry. Gears maximize traction while our wheel set provides toughness, reliability and speed all the room.

What types of themes does Shimano have
Shimano DEORE XT M8000

This Group consists of 27 different details that serve the unique needs of each person. You can choose from 11-speed, 22-speed, 33-speed, depending on your preferences and practical needs.

2.4 Shimano DEORE XT M8050 Di2

The Deore XT M8050 Di2 is the perfect combination of the Electronic Number Unit (Di2) with the other components in the movement. Help you prepare better for new adventures, challenging but better controlled land.

What kinds of themes does Shimano have -7
Shimano DEORE XT M8050 Di2

In addition to the same components and accessories as the Deore XT M8000, this Di2 version adds four more components: SC-MT800 electronic set, SW-M8050 handpiece, FD-M8070 prefix, after RD-M8050 -GS. There are still 3 sets of 11 -22 -33 Speed ​​movements.

2.5 Shimano SLX M7000 11-Speed

With the rider-tuned SLX M7000, you can ride how you want on virtually any terrain. The power transmission DYNA-SYS systems provide intuitive equipment combinations for optimal power delivery. No matter how coarse, rocky, or muddy the trail, you get ultimate off-road stability. SLX M7000 allows you and your bike to become one with trails.

What kinds of themes does Shimano have -8
Shimano SLX M7000 11-Speed

2.6 Shimano DEORE M6000

The New DEORE M6000 has a wide gear ratio capable of delivering a smooth setting in all conditions. Offers Shimano braking technology capabilities, slick and shift action and an efficient front-wheel drive combined with a wider range band will tackle all the ups and downs your ride will throw in. you with Shimano’s proven technology. In addition, a new low gear option for the wide tire trend (27.5Plus) is offered

What kinds of themes does Shimano have -9
Shimano DEORE M6000

This Group includes 29 different accessories for you to customize with each vehicle. The movement has 2 options: 20 -30 Speed.

2.7 Shimano DEORE M610

The Rider Tuned is the aim of the new DEORE M610 development. That is achieved and the new DEORE M610 is the grouping of options for a variety of vehicles and riding styles. From cross-country to trail, from Hardtail to Full Suspension, the DEORE M610 has something for every need. Furthermore, the DEORE M610 component is top quality and durable.

What types of themes does Shimano have-10
Shimano DEORE M610

2.8 Shimano SAINT M820

Designed for eager downhill racers, the SAINT M820 lets you accelerate and decelerate at World Cup level. If you want to increase your focus and channel focus on white-knuckle downhill rides, this is the groupset for you.

What types of themes does Shimano have -11
Shimano SAINT M820

2.9 Shimano ZEE M640

The Zee M640 provides a solid foundation to support you in mountain trail bows. This is one of the groupset that gives you the confidence to find your flow and handle even the gnarliest rides down the slope. If you’re new to gravity riding, the Zee M640 is the perfect place to start.

What types of themes does Shimano have 13
Shimano ZEE M640

2.10 Shimano DXR MX70

SHIMANO DXR MX70 brings premium design and engineering to BMX racing. Designed to meet the needs of today’s Olympic customers. Ideal for use on the track.

What types of themes does Shimano have-14
Shimano DXR MX70

2.11 Shimano ACERA M3000

Group ACERA M3000 is characterized by three keywords: precision, precision and style. This group provides precise displacement with less electric pedal loss, powerful braking force, excellent braking performance for precise speed control, an interesting stylish design and slim profile.

What types of themes does Shimano have -15
Shimano ACERA M3000

2.12 Shimano ALTUS M2000

New series ALTUS M2000 will adopt DNA of ALIVIO / ACERA MTB spec. This is Shimano’s most premium group line for MTB bikes. With 10 components that make up the 27 Speed ​​movement.

What types of themes does Shimano have -16
Shimano ALTUS M2000

3. The Shimano Group for racing bikes – Roadbike

3.1 Shimano DURA-ACE R9100

The Dura ACE R9100 is Shimano’s highest-line series of racing bike groupsets. The set of 28 different accessories allows you to customize your 22 Speed ​​movement.

What types of themes does Shimano have-17
Shimano DURA-ACE R9100

3.2 Shimano DURA-ACE R9170 Di2

An upgrade to the Dura ACE series with the electronic gear shift system, making it easier and more convenient to get started at high speed.

What types of themes does Shimano have -18
Shimano DURA-ACE R9170 Di2

3.3. Shimano ULTEGRA 6870

Version 6870 has 17 accessories attached, creating 22 Speed ​​movement with 2 front and 11 rear discs, high-quality rim brake.

What types of themes does Shimano have
Shimano ULTEGRA 6870

3.4. Shimano ULTEGRA 6870 Di2

The Ultegra 6870 upgrade is handled by microelectronics to help you hands free on the track, with more suitable and optimal adjustments. Includes 23 overall components to help make up the 22 Speed ​​movement.

What types of themes does Shimano have -19
Shimano ULTEGRA 6870 Di2

3.5 Shimano 105 5800

105 5800 assists every racer who achieves his personal goals for daily training and long trips on weekends, and goes with friends. The best balance of 105 5800 brings joy to every rider with dependable reliability. New 105 5800 will give each rider a sense of satisfaction, joy and satisfaction with advanced functionality, smoothness and ergonomics.

What types of themes does Shimano have
Shimano 105 5800

3.6 Shimano TIAGRA 4700

The Shimano Tiagra 4700 is designed with a sporty and sophisticated look and style, offering a 22-speed movement with gentle shifting hands.

What types of themes does Shimano have-21
Shimano TIAGRA 4700

3.7 Shimano SORA R3000

The new SORA R3000 is the most attractive and powerful 9-speed component. SORA R3000 is thrown towards sport / fitness cycling with stylish and clean design. Now with technology raised from higher level groupsets, both new beginners and sports enthusiasts will feel comfortable going with the features that the 9-speed SORA R3000 introduces.

What types of threads does Shimano have-22
Shimano SORA R3000

3.8 Shimano CLARIS R2400

The Shimano Claris R2400 series gives users 2 options: 16 Speed ​​or 24 Speed ​​with 14 different accessories to choose from.

What types of themes does Shimano have-23
Shimano CLARIS R2400

3.9 Shimano CLARIS R2000

The Claris R2000 series is designed at a price point for new racers but is designed for riders to easily pedal around town, but has the durability to handle a long tour. Claris R2000 offers 18 devices with 16 Speed ​​and 24 Speed ​​options.

What types of themes does Shimano have -24
Shimano CLARIS R2000

Hopefully with the above information, you can choose for yourself a set of Group and a suitable theme for your bike. If you are wondering when you need to upgrade the subject for a sports bike or when you buy a bicycle, please consult the Sports bike selection advice Experienced people or sports bike experts to have the right options!

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