What to do to avoid muscle pain when riding a sports bike

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Sports cycling is an indispensable part of your life. Cycling not only improves cardiovascular health, circulatory system, but also helps maintain the elasticity of the ligaments and tendons system. It is the process of restoring and promoting the development of tendons and joints that make them stronger and stronger, but during post-exercise, attacks cannot be avoided. muscle pain the impact makes the practitioner feel pain. So how can you prevent these muscle aches, the following shares will give you the most useful information.

1.What is muscle pain?

These muscle pain There is also a name for the muscle causing Delayed onset muscle soreness – DOMS ”, which means healthy muscle pain. Usually these pain appear shortly after exercise, for those who exercise for the first time, the pain may last for a few days.

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Muscle pain when riding a bike

Based on the actual level, DOMS is one of the types of muscle damage experienced by athletes. In rare cases, an increase in muscle proteins in the roof causes damage to the plasma membrane. But less than 1% of cyclists will suffer muscle fibers, and the rest will not because they are active.

A new study shows that DOMSs are responsible for muscle activity, but in fact other muscle structures are the ones that cause major effects such as the surrounding tissue of the muscle along with the connective tissue. .

Researchers have also explored muscles during pain induced with an acupuncture needle. One of the results is due to the sensitivity of the cornea rather than the surrounding muscles. Scientists have also shown that muscle fibers have a better elasticity than isosceles and connective tissues. In contrast to the fascia when they are subjected to constant muscle contractions and contractions, they exert a great deal of shear when stretched and when the muscles continuously contract when cycling they are fully engaged. It is possible to exert a large shear force between muscle fibers which ultimately results in these muscle fibers breaking down the structure and causing damage and inflammation.

In fact our own body is one of those secret machines with a high balancing ability. The appearance of these pain is also the ability to balance itself so that our body can recover in the best way, which is one of the best signals for you to know the benefits. Better benefits come from the body. Keep yourself with a great intensity of regular exercise so that muscle pain doesn’t bother you often.

2. What to do when I have muscle pain after sports training?

If you can do a new exercise or increase the intensity of the workout then your muscles may suffer after the workout. Increasing the intensity of your exercise increases the pressure as your muscles ease, and soon after, they will be able to return to normal with greater tolerance.

There will be some pain during practice of course these are predicted to be attacks acute myalgia and pain will also manifest about 12 hours after exercise.

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Muscle groups are susceptible to being affected by cycling

Usually these pain are uncomfortable 2-3 days after exercise, this is the time when the body will balance itself, making your muscles bigger and stronger than this. very normal balance of the body.

To avoid and prevent the pain affecting your spirit and life, you can do some of the following methods:

-Do some gentle muscle tension before going on a bike ride

-After ride, perform gentle muscle massage

Use ice to reduce swelling

Use a warm compress to help increase blood circulation to the muscles

Do a relaxing rest to give your muscles time to recover

Use of certain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

In many cases if you exercise and the pain has not gone away after 2-3 days, you may have a muscle strain or tension injury. Apply to the cold compress as well as use the best compression bandage so that it can be improved. If the pain still does not go away, go to the doctor for examination and treatment.

3.Prevent muscle pain while cycling

There are a few ways you can minimize the risk of muscle pain.

– Light warm-ups: Should perform warm-ups to help your muscles have the best chance of stretching and avoid a big impact on the muscles. Before walking, do gentle warm-ups such as walking, running slowly in place … When the muscles are gently warmed they will always be ready for later exercises to make blood in your body. have better circulation.

– Drink enough water: Water accounts for 70% of the body to fill cells, muscle tissue, water to help you regulate the body’s temperature, the ability to lubricate the joints, in addition it can also help you. regulates the amount of nutrients needed by the body. During the ride you can regularly hydrate your body by sipping after 15 minutes to help the water slowly penetrate into cells.

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Do relaxation and muscle relaxation movements while cycling

Perform rest and relaxation after exercise: Rest is very important to the sports training process. Because this is one of the most important times for you to recover the best damaged muscles.

– Riding in the right technique: Driving with the right technique will help you prevent the best damage and avoid muscle problems. In addition, if you practice the correct technique, serious muscle tension problems will be avoided. Your muscle mass will also easily be modifiable to avoid serious muscle and joint problems.

– Perform muscle relaxation: This is the method when you finish the training process, most of the muscles will be heated up when exercising so the stretching movements can help you increase elasticity. of the muscular system makes it easier for blood to flow back to the heart.

-Know the amount of strength: Do not exercise with too high intensity over the threshold of strength. It should be done slowly with the appropriate gentle intensity. Based on their health that maintain and increase gradually.

Above are the most useful and practical sharing for those who are playing sports bike to be able to prevent and prevent attacks on your own severe muscle pain for you so you can have the best sports training methods.

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