What tools are needed to clean the bicycle

After a long period of use, it is not easy to clean the bike and the dirt on the chain. However, too much dirt will stick together will make the car more quickly damaged.

Cleaning your bike is not difficult or takes a lot of time, and regular cleaning will help increase the life of your bike and reduce unwanted damage. You can find these specialized products at bicycle shops or online retail. Here are a few essential things that cyclists should have to protect bicycles:

1. Bicycle frame cleaning product

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Do not choose detergents with strong chemical detergents because they easily fade the paint color, wear out the chassis.

To clean the part Bicycle frames Easy and fast, you don’t even need a bike cleaning product! All you need is a bucket of hot water mixed with soapy water. For best results, use as hot water as possible, so be sure to wear good rubber gloves to protect the skin of your hands. As for soap detergents, choose the one that is as much caustic as possible, so mix well before using it! Use cleaning cloth to thoroughly clean the entire chassis. You will find that hot water is capable of dissolving the lubricants on your bike, when the effect of soap will make mud and dirt no longer stick, so cleaning the bike becomes easy easy.

2. Bicycle chain cleaning products and grease remover

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Should use specialized chain lubricant, should not use waste oil for motorbikes

Cleaning the chain part is a bit more difficult because the grease needs to be removed from the bike and lubricated. These two essential types of products can help the chain move smoothly and prevent the link from getting stuck. Here are step-by-step instructions to help clean the bike chain and keep it running smoothly:

First, use a sprinkler hose to spray dirt and mud. Choose a spray that is more moderate than the one with strong water pressure, because the stream of water with strong spray pressure will be able to wash away a few small components on the car.
Set the gear on the chain so that it is easily accessible. That means you need to set the front sprocket on the top gear and the rear sprocket on the lowest gear.
Use hot water and a detergent or detergent to clean your bike, use a hard-bristle brush to scrub the leash – even an old brush to scour it. Be sure to thoroughly scrub all links. You will definitely notice a noticeable difference after you finish cleaning!

Apply the grease removal agent to the bicycle chain, making sure to check the chain links carefully. To ensure that excess oil and grease are removed if soap and water are not washed while washing the car, preventing the chain from getting stuck in motion.

Finally, lubricate the chain so that the chain rotates smoothly. Use a dry cloth to wipe and reduce grease from the bike, make sure the chain part is clean and dry, then apply some lubricant on it. If you add too little oil, the chain will still leak; too much will only accumulate dirt due to excess oil – so it is important to carefully read the directions on the bottle.

3. Help tools

Tools such as:

– Specialized car washing brush and brush set

– Washing nozzles (dedicated hose, watering hose ..)

– Prevent dry cleaning, cheap car wash

– Dry blow molding machine

-Rubber gloves

– Water bucket, water ladle ..

4. Attention

  • Clean the bike cables

Bicycle cleaning doesn’t mean focusing solely on the frame and chain, the bike’s cables are just as important. Similarly, use a bike grease remover and towel to wipe and clean cables, and then apply a greater amount of lubricant. The best practice is to carefully apply lubricant to your vehicle’s cables. If you have a little extra time cleaning your car, this is a great step to do.

  • Should we polish the bike?
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Wipe the details of the car’s parts and remove any stubborn stains

Many people’s bicycle cleaning kits often include a polishing product, using these substances to make the bike look shiny like new. But is the bike really polished? Experts believe that the use of bicycle polishing products is not good for the vehicle, on the contrary, it is also the cause of the malfunction. The two main parts that are usually polished are the saddle and the wheel, while polishing the saddle can make the car look better, but it can easily cause you to slip. And if this polish is used for the wheel part, it will reduce the effectiveness of the brake on the rim edges. So you should only focus on cleaning the car, do not polish with chemicals!

Above are tips for you to refer to before you want to bicycle cleaning and maintenance. For better maintenance, you should consult someone with long-term experience in car play sports bicycle consulting and get more detailed maintenance instructions on the parts.

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