Where to buy cheap and quality sports bike fat wheel?

Mua xe đạp thể thao bánh béo ở đâu chất lượng

Where to buy reputable and quality sports bicycles? That is a question many times encountered on two-wheeled forums in Vietnam. This is a quite unique car line that has been introduced to the Vietnamese market for about a year. With its lure, the ones sports bike fat wheels gradually become a product that is interested by a lot of people. It is also for that reason that many fraudulent small businesses have opened factories to process and manufacture fake fat wheeled vehicles. Because of that, users can not distinguish the real fake, and it is easy to buy the wrong quality goods.

The following article will provide specific information about fat-wheeled bicycles and how to buy high-quality bicycles.

1.The unique Fat Bike fat sports bike

Just hearing the name Fat Bike also helps users think of big bicycle parts and here is the tire. This is sports bike model This is considered the trend of young people this year.

Where to buy fat-wheel sports bicycles
Fat-wheel sports bicycles attract young people by its sporty design

The car is designed with a very unique design. If only at first glance and feel with the naked eye will see the car heavy background. While if the user can experience it, it will feel that the car is not as heavy as we think.

Fatbike cars have a very dynamic sporty design, the car is equipped with movements from famous accessories such as SHIMANO or MicroSHIFT with multi-gear shifters that can be adjusted and light weight. different.

Where to buy cheap and quality sports bicycles with fat wheels
Fat wheel sports bicycle sporty and dynamic design

Fat Bike quickly became popular with young Vietnamese people and used it as a means of exercising health, conquering passion and a very useful means of transportation.

2. So where should I buy reputable, quality bicycles with cheap price?

With many years of experience in the cycling industry, proud to be a distributor of imported genuine FatBike. Bicycles The World hopes to become a place to buy reputable and quality fat-wheel bicycles).

Some of the best-selling sports bikes with fat wheels on the market today:

  • To Foreknow fat bicycle

Foreknow fat bicycle is the Fatbike line cheap sports bicycles unique, branded from Taiwan. The fancy sporty design with curved frame and giant wheels, yet the car is quite light and does not feel heavy. Vehicles equipped with MicroSHIFT 27 speed thread configuration help users to experience the maximum speed.

Where should I buy a fat-wheel bicycle -1
To Foreknow fat bicycle

✔ Steel alloy frame
✔ 27 Speed ​​MicroSHIFT
✔ Front squirrel off
✔ Disc brake
✔ Bearing bearings

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  • JinDead fat bicycle
Where should I buy a fat-wheeled bicycle-2
JinDead fat bicycle

Vehicles equipped with vehicle configurations are used with Shimano Tourney 7 speed threads. Various heavy duty modes can be adjusted.

✔ Steel alloy frame
✔ Shimano Tourney 7 Speed ​​movement
✔ Front squirrel off
✔ Disc brake
✔ Bearing bearings

  • To Foreknow Bicycle Wheel 20

To Foreknow ring 20 Vehicle configuration is used with Shimano 21 speed. Vehicles suitable for people with height from 1.3m to 1.6m

Where should I buy a fat wheel bicycle -3
To Foreknow ring 20

✔ Steel alloy frame
✔ 21 Speed ​​Shimano movement
✔ Front squirrel off
✔ Disc brake
✔ Bearing bearings

When buying any product big wheel bicycle (Fat Bike) whichever Bike World, your bike will enjoy a warranty of up to 5 years. Besides, we also give you many other valuable incentives. If you intend to buy a sports bike Fat cakes you should refer to these sports bicycle consulting From experienced people or experts to choose the right car!

For more information and advice, please pick up the phone and contact Bicycles World right away!

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