Where to buy cheap sports bicycles in Hanoi

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Sports cycling in recent years has grown to become a strong active movement of all ages, from children to the elderly who are involved in cycling. every morning, or afternoons by parks, lakeside or stumble upon bicycle clubs of sport bike lovers with endless passion.

With increasing demand, the market sport bicycle Vietnam is becoming stronger and more diverse, giving consumers more choices. But with that diversity, the inevitable mix of floating and poor-quality products makes consumers unsure about choosing. buy cheap sports bikes where reputable Avoiding money loss and disability is not everyone knows. Please refer to the article below to be able to choose for yourself a secure place to buy.

1. Where to buy cheap sports bicycles in Hanoi?

Address reputable bicycle shop is always something a lot of people care about because it is a place where you can trust and choose a good product.

In order to meet the needs and market of customers to choose a better bike, Bicycles World is proud to distribute sports bicycles with many lines. Genuine sports bike , quality . Here are the brands of sports bicycles sold at Bikes World:

1.1 Giant sports bike

Giant is a Taiwanese sports bike company that was born in the 1970s. This company has penetrated the Vietnamese market for more than a decade, so it is highly appreciated not only in terms of brand name but also in terms of technology. Judging by the quality of this car, there is one thing that cannot be denied that the Vietnamese choose Giant bike throughout the years it makes sense. Good quality plus affordable price for Vietnamese people. Although targeting the low-cost segment, the quality of the Giant is superior, the technology of manufacturing frames and accessories is at an advanced level, combined with genuine accessories from companies like Shimano to provide quality configurations.

Where to buy cheap and quality sports bicycles
Sport bicycle Giant ATX 735 The 2018 version brings new users a lot of new experiences with hydraulic oil brakes, 27-speed Shimano M370 series for a limitless experience, Giant’s exclusive ALUXX aluminum alloy frame. The car is the perfect choice of configuration in the mid-range price range.

1.2 Trinx sports bikes

Trinx is a famous domestic genuine sports brand in China that has been confirmed on the world bicycle market for many years. Trinx bicycles are manufactured with a focus on the low-cost segment and lower income earners such as students, students who are just starting to play sports bicycles. Configuration of Trinx bikes Equipped with Shimano or a genuine Trinx accessories, so discussing the Trinx configuration is also quite a formidable competitor to Giant in the low-cost sports bike market.

Some models of Trinx bicycles are selling well at Bicycles World such as:

+ Trinx M116

Where to buy cheap sports bicycles in Hanoi
The 2017 Trinx M116 features a mid-range configuration, with a distinctive aluminum chassis and fitted with a genuine Trinx 21-speed transducer.

+ Trinx TX28

Where to buy cheap sports bicycles in Hanoi -2
Trinx TX28 version 2017 has a sporty, stronger and more masculine style. With the main frame is designed with a larger cross-section, technical angles. Equipped with oil brake system, Shimano 27 sp

+Trinx Tempo 1.0

Where to buy cheap sports bicycles in Hanoi -3
The all-new 2017 version of Trinx Tempo 1.0 has a Shimano 21-speed shifter with a 2-layer 700C aluminum rim that is thicker and higher than the 2016 version, creating a stiff and sturdy Road model.

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1.3 Twitter sports bicycles

Twitter is a famous German brand established in 2008. Currently, Twitter has headquarters in China and Taiwan and is distributed throughout the Asia Pacific market. Bicycle Twitter is manufactured to meet the technological standards of Germany’s advanced production lines. In addition, this company also equips accessories from famous accessories such as Shimano, Sram, so the configuration of these sports bikes is not inferior to Giant.

Where to buy cheap sports bicycles in Hanoi -4
Twitter Hunter racing bike Twitter’s new release is equipped with the Sram APEX 10sp movement, a good shock-absorbing carbon fork

1.4 Nakxus sports bike

Nakxus belongs to the Japanese low-cost sports bike company, the frame parts are made and manufactured with the best quality, in addition to the genuine or genuine accessories and accessories from sub-brands. famous events like Shiamo or Sram …

Where to buy cheap sports bicycles Hanoi -5
Bicycle Nakxus ML23 2017 version is intended for people with a height of 1.5m or more. More specifically, the ML23 is equipped with 24-speed Sunrun movement, SHIMING EF65-8 handshift shift, and safe mechanical disc brakes.

1.5 Fujisan sports bikes

Where to buy cheap sports bicycles in Hanoi -6
Fujisan sports bikes have a steel frame and a 24-speed movement configuration. Durable Kenda tires. This is a line of cheap sports bicycles that is quite suitable for the travel needs of students and students with quite reasonable prices.

Fujisan is also a low-cost sports company originating in Japan, new to the market in Vietnam but has received the support of consumers for its quality and reasonable price.

Typically the 2016 Fujisan steel frame model with 21-speed design, sturdy steel frame for students.

Following the success of the Fujisan 2016 Fujisan 007s model comes with new and more unique design innovations. This cheap Fujisan car is loved and chosen by many students.

2 . Customers enjoy shopping benefits at reputable addresses

When you choose to buy sports bicycles at reputable sports bike stores, you will receive benefits such as warranty, maintenance, advice on choosing to buy sports bicycles suitable with preferences and price, get practical experience before making a buying decision. Get detailed technical instructions for better ride and maintenance.

For a long time being trusted and trusted by customers, Bicycles World has been increasingly developing and becoming a prestigious address of customers from near and far not only in Hanoi but also in the Vietnamese bicycle market. Generally speaking . Always ensuring and aiming for the interests of all customers, when buying bicycles at Bicycles World you will enjoy full benefits such as:

Warranty up to 5 years

– Receive 2 years of free maintenance immediately

-Get instant free accessories and the best promotions and deals.

-Get the best technical support and advice after buying …

-Freeship right away for all mu ax bike orders within a 10km radius

-Support nationwide delivery

Come to Bicycles World today for a chance to experience the latest and greatest sports bikes from leading brands to choose from quality sports bicycles and most suitable!

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