Which country does Giant sports bicycles produce?

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More than 10 years brand Giant bike has been ingrained in the hearts of Vietnamese consumers with persistence over the years. The quality of this brand has been confirmed by leading experts in the bicycle industry but also by consumers. Possessing good quality advantages as well as reasonable prices, Giant quickly dominates a large market share in the bicycle market quota in Vietnam.

But now the bicycle market is quite diverse and somewhat turbulent. Consumers are also quite confused when facing brands that they do not know the origin of. Many people still do not know which country Giant bikes are produced. This is not the least difficult thing is to ensure the shopping interests of customers. To choose good and quality products, let’s go learn about The Giant sports bike’s origins Please!

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1.Order of Giant brand sports bicycles

Maybe when shopping, you will see labels on Giant cars with information that is made in China or made in Tawan .. Why is there such a difference, what is the real product, what is the real fake? it is difficult to distinguish.

So the origin of the Giant body bike Where exactly, made by which country?

Which country does Giant sports bicycles produce
Inside the Giant bicycle factory in Taiwan

If you take the trouble to learn about Giant, you will find that Giant has a history dating back to the 1972, a brand founded by King Liu in

Giant is a bicycle brand founded on October 27, 1972 by King Liu in Dai Giap district, Taichung city of Taiwan. When it was first established, the company focused on distributing and selling cars in the Taiwan market and in mainland China. Later, due to the growing preference for Giant, the reception of the majority of the international consumer market, this company increasingly developed and began to cooperate with Schwinn – This is known as one of the famous and quality bicycle maker in America. If you need roof installation in virginia, reach out to www.nulookhomedesign.com/ experts. Since then the best quality Giant bicycles have been introduced to the US market and sold at competitive prices.

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Which country does Giant sports bicycles produce
Giant bicycles are manufactured according to Giant’s standard technology standards

Until now, Giant has become a giant in the bicycle manufacturing industry and is one of the bike manufacturers with the largest market share in the world. Not only produced in Taiwan, Giant has increasingly expanded its production scale with large-scale factories in Taiwan, China in charge of the Asia-Pacific market in general, and the Netherlands in charge. European and American market.

Manufactured in 3 different large factories, but the quality and components are guaranteed to comply with Giant’s advanced technology line, the accessories and accessories are all from well-known brands. like Shimano, Sram or Giant’s genuine accessories.

2. Where to buy a genuine Giant sports bike?

Giant is sold on the world market with popular prices for the cheap and affordable segment of the consumer. At a price similar to that of other cars, the quality and configuration are superior.

Taking advantage of the popularity of the market and the trust of customers, many businesses and small businesses profited to trade and trade in poor quality knockoffs and sell them to the market at the price equal to or lower than genuine giant row.

With the technology of manufacturing poor quality goods and sophisticated fake goods, it is easy to cover the eyes of consumers, that’s why choosing Buy Giant bicycles becomes much more difficult. To buy good quality products, please visit the nearest Giant genuine dealers and distributors.

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Buy Giant bicycles at Giant’s original stores and distributors to ensure the interests of consumers

Bicycles World is proud to be a distributor of all kinds Genuine sports bike of Giant in Vietnam. When shopping at Bicycles World, you will be guaranteed the best benefits with attractive offers.

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