Whispering a secret in the shade of the car, I first mistook it for a tiger and tried to shine a light on it to make it look larger than the dog. However,…

because when we were frightened It makes the eyes that we see to imagine what we are afraid of even more. But if we focus and look again, it may not be what we initially thought or imagined. It would be like this story because if we saw it at first, we would be shocked as well.

Because when a Facebook user named Suisui Jurairat posted a story behind her, she saw a shadow under the car. At first, she was very shocked because she tried to look down under the car, met and saw with the very large Miao, which she said that at first I thought that she was a tiger.

Because the size is bigger than normal cats and has never been seen anywhere before. So she tried to look down and watched that she was not fierce and afraid of her, so she knew that she would be a species of cats. And think that you should be lost, so try to post in order to find the owner into a cat slave group

By specifying the message that you should be lost and probably have the owner because the big fat in the Chokchai Farm, but can only catch you because when you get close, you will run away very quickly. And she was afraid that the car would collide, so he wanted to find a house for her to go back to find the embrace of the father as a mother

which if anyone thinks it’s the owner of the younger one, it can be contacted with the original post With the sister probably a Maine Coon cat that looks big. Because she herself tried to pour the grain food and walked far away. It appeared that she had eaten until the bowl had been lost for many days.